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Microsoft Vs Google Fight Shifts Towards Convergence of Communications, Cloud, Devices & Services

Microsoft Vs Google - Internet of ThingsGoogle’s Project Loon comes not far behind Google Fiber another of Google’s Communication infrastructure projects. Google also remains in a battle with Microsoft within the “white space” and use of excess TV spectrum, as both companies are fighting to offer unified communication services. According to a Forbes article from 11 April 2013, Microsoft has already moved ahead of Google in rural access in Africa. The competition is even tougher in Africa as both companies compete and collaborate with Huawei and ZTE in wireless infrastructure both of which have strong presences in Africa.

Both, Google and Microsoft are now locked in a new battle where both the companies are looking at integrating all layers of communication from device to infrastructure encompassing software, cloud computing, services and infrastructure to roll out the new Internet of Things & Services. Continue reading Microsoft Vs Google Fight Shifts Towards Convergence of Communications, Cloud, Devices & Services

Convergence/ goBroadband is now 3G4G

Convergence is now 3g4gOne of the 2013 resolutions was to Re-brand this Blog, as “Convergence” is a word, too hard to comprehend by most Indian folks. During my interactions with “Aam Aadmi”, I was surprised to know everybody knew what 3G is [mostly due to the massive advertising spend by Telcos] but most of them didn’t know what Broadband is and they simply shrugged when they heard the word Convergence 🙂

By the end of this year, 4G will also pick up in popularity and since 5G Continue reading Convergence/ goBroadband is now 3G4G

Pubmatic / Komli Platform Helping Large Publishers Increase eCPM

This blog may not be categorized into the category of Big Publishers [ couple of millions of Page Views / Month]. However, volunteering to be the Webmaster for others, I am looking for a solution to monetize big inventory across 3 different verticals. At first I thought Google was the best Advertising Platform [sure, it is for Search Marketing], however, Google Adwords data suggests that rates have been knocked off by as much as 30% in the past 4 months [I am talking on India specific keywords].

PubMatic / Komli has done a good job acting as a B2B facilitator between Advertisers and Publishers. Their recently released reports claim that Publishers have been able to see a mark-up in eCPM across various categories.

  • Entertainment + 51.4 %
  • Gaming+ 148.3%
  • Men’s Interests+ 148.4 %
  • Music + 121.8 %
  • Real Estate + 138.6 %
  • Reference+ 177.9 %
  • Social Network 215%

PubMatic has successfully solved the problem of Static Ad Network Daisy Chain [Ads are Fixed and if Advertiser decides to Wihdraw, Space is blank – 80% of the inventory is unsold at times] by developing Algorithm and introducing a new concept of Dynamic Ad Ad Network Daisy Chain [On the fly get the best Ad suitable for the Spot, so essentially, an Ad is served 30-300% increase in eCPM]. This should really help Large Publishers [ atleast 1 million Page Views Per Month]

PubMatic has more than 300 Advertising Networks hooked up to its system to serve 5,500 large publishers. The success of Google is attributed mainly for developing Contextual based Ad serving system. Not sure how good PubMatic’s Ad System is, when it comes to Contextual serving. However, more and more advertisers are moving towards brand building by serving Display Ads, PubMatic may well be considerd as a choice.  If you have used or currently using PubMatic, do let us know your experience. Download the report here [PDF]

Bharti Airtel – Q1FY09 Results Insight

Mobile services still constitute majority of the revenues with Enterprise Services gaining traction. Airtel reported a profit of Rs 20bn for Q1 FY09 up 25.7% compared to Q1 of last FY. Here is a quick summary of the results,

  • Mobile Customers increased to 69.38 mn at the end of June-08 commanding a 24.2% all India wireless subscribers market share.
  • Mobile ARPU decreased to Rs 350 from Rs 357 a quarter ago. However we have a positive surprise, Minutes of usage went up from 507 to 534.
  • EBITDA margin for the segment declined ~480 bps sequentially to 30.7%, jump in network operating costs (up 11% Q-o-Q) seem to be the key reasons for the decline in margins.
  • Airtel’s wireline service now spans 94 Indian cities serving 2.393 mn customers with ARPU / Month of Rs 1,138. DSL broadband customer base stood at 0.853m at the end of June-08. It was also voted as the Best ISP in the PC World Broadband Survey.
  • Carrier Enterprise Services recorded a growth of of 70% over the corresponding quarter last year.

Unfortunately missed the Con Call, waiting for the transcripts to see if any aggressive investment plans for WiMax or Broadband in the forthcoming quarters.

Technical Administrator for WordPress

Kamla is looking for some a Web 2.0 guru familar with podcasts and webcasts. WordPress is built on LAMP, so if that’s your core skill set and looking for some extra bucks, read on… this is a paid part-time position and you must be in Bangalore / Bengalooru

Responsibilities include:
1.Must be familiar with WordPress blogging engine and major plugins. A strong familiarity with WordPress templates and how to customize them.
2.Have hands-on-experience with PHP and JavaScript to debug existing issues and make minor change in customization of plugins.
3.Knowledge of RSS feeds, Google Urchin, Feedburner and other analytic and web tracking software.
4.Understanding of database and sql will be a major add-on. There is is no major development required for this.

Please send your resume: kamlabhatt AT

Weekend Update

Apart from ADC reduction, Pragati Maidan was the host to Convergence India 2007. Nikhil has an update here. BSNL introduced unlimited broadband for business. Nokia N95 will be launched in India by April-1st and the expected cost is Rs 42,000. Google Asia-Pacific Chief, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy speaks about her India plans. Unilever promoted Social Networking site Sunsilk Gang of Girls marches ahead with launch of GoG TV and Jobs.

Right from the day Vodafone’s bid was accepted by Li, I have said the deal will sail smoothly. Now in retrospect, the FIPB deferring decision on approving Vodafone Essar deal on March-21st and the subsequent cabinet nod for 74% FDI in Telecom on March-23rd looks like a staged drama 😉

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