Microsoft Vs Google Fight Shifts Towards Convergence of Communications, Cloud, Devices & Services

Microsoft Vs Google - Internet of ThingsGoogle’s Project Loon comes not far behind Google Fiber another of Google’s Communication infrastructure projects. Google also remains in a battle with Microsoft within the “white space” and use of excess TV spectrum, as both companies are fighting to offer unified communication services. According to a Forbes article from 11 April 2013, Microsoft has already moved ahead of Google in rural access in Africa. The competition is even tougher in Africa as both companies compete and collaborate with Huawei and ZTE in wireless infrastructure both of which have strong presences in Africa.

Both, Google and Microsoft are now locked in a new battle where both the companies are looking at integrating all layers of communication from device to infrastructure encompassing software, cloud computing, services and infrastructure to roll out the new Internet of Things & Services.

Less than a third of the world’s population is connected to the Internet today, in spite of current cell phone penetration rates; mobile technology remains instrumental in bringing the next 4b people online. We think that the Internet of Things is the bigger and broader addressable market and the mega-trend for which technology companies are now focusing product development.

Ericsson expects over 50b devices to be connected to the Internet by 2020, all communicating with different protocols, creating fragmentation in communication protocols. Core to gaining an advantage in the IoT market is the ability to offer an integrated communications platform that can seamlessly offer an entire range of communications across hyper-fragmented technologies and networks, while being transparent to the end-user.

Being an integrated communication platform provider is strategically important for the IoT market. Will any Indian company make it big or still believe in doing things the old way – Use Corruption to Lobby and Drag Down the early movers who were on path to embrace Innovation.

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