Convergence/ goBroadband is now 3G4G

Convergence is now 3g4gOne of the 2013 resolutions was to Re-brand this Blog, as “Convergence” is a word, too hard to comprehend by most Indian folks. During my interactions with “Aam Aadmi”, I was surprised to know everybody knew what 3G is [mostly due to the massive advertising spend by Telcos] but most of them didn’t know what Broadband is and they simply shrugged when they heard the word Convergence 🙂

By the end of this year, 4G will also pick up in popularity and since 5G is still in the Labs, I decided to stay with a short name With the name, the main emphasis of coverage will also be 3G and 4G on the network and services side. Consumer Devices are left to be covered by others who are doing an excellent job already.

Wired Broadband penetration is a total disappointment by the inefficient and potentially highly corrupt Telecom Department / BSNL and others. In 2005, I thought by 2015 India would be fully wired but the real situation is just 15 Mn Broadband Wired Connections at the end of 2012. 3G [include CDMA-EVDO] and 4G is my Biggest Hope now.

Also, I’ll now be assisted with two experienced Technocrats – Mr. A.R.Manjunath [ARM] a Network Architect and Mr. Raghu Sr. Developer. Stay tuned.

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