Pubmatic / Komli Platform Helping Large Publishers Increase eCPM

This blog may not be categorized into the category of Big Publishers [ couple of millions of Page Views / Month]. However, volunteering to be the Webmaster for others, I am looking for a solution to monetize big inventory across 3 different verticals. At first I thought Google was the best Advertising Platform [sure, it is for Search Marketing], however, Google Adwords data suggests that rates have been knocked off by as much as 30% in the past 4 months [I am talking on India specific keywords].

PubMatic / Komli has done a good job acting as a B2B facilitator between Advertisers and Publishers. Their recently released reports claim that Publishers have been able to see a mark-up in eCPM across various categories.

  • Entertainment + 51.4 %
  • Gaming+ 148.3%
  • Men’s Interests+ 148.4 %
  • Music + 121.8 %
  • Real Estate + 138.6 %
  • Reference+ 177.9 %
  • Social Network 215%

PubMatic has successfully solved the problem of Static Ad Network Daisy Chain [Ads are Fixed and if Advertiser decides to Wihdraw, Space is blank – 80% of the inventory is unsold at times] by developing Algorithm and introducing a new concept of Dynamic Ad Ad Network Daisy Chain [On the fly get the best Ad suitable for the Spot, so essentially, an Ad is served 30-300% increase in eCPM]. This should really help Large Publishers [ atleast 1 million Page Views Per Month]

PubMatic has more than 300 Advertising Networks hooked up to its system to serve 5,500 large publishers. The success of Google is attributed mainly for developing Contextual based Ad serving system. Not sure how good PubMatic’s Ad System is, when it comes to Contextual serving. However, more and more advertisers are moving towards brand building by serving Display Ads, PubMatic may well be considerd as a choice.  If you have used or currently using PubMatic, do let us know your experience. Download the report here [PDF]

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  1. According to FICCI- KPMG Media& Entertainment Sector Report, 2009, Online Advertising is estimated to touch Rs 9 bn in 2009. Rs 238 bn is the total estimated size of Indian Ad Market.

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