Free Microsoft Wi-Fi Bundled with Office 365 Coming Soon

Two Years ago I wrote that the War of Google Vs Microsoft is shifting towards the Convergence space bundled with Cloud Services. Time has finally arrived where Microsoft has partnered with 10 Million HotSpot service providers across 130 countries to offer Free Microsoft WiFi for all Individual & Business Users subscribing to Office 365. Microsoft briefly put the MicrosoftWiFi website online and has been taken down thereafter. The service ill also be available to active Skype Wifi customers through Microsoft Work & Play bundle.

One of the images I managed to grab was Microsoft Wi-Fi for Business users as shown below from the website.hero-business The webpage Stated,

Microsoft now offers Microsoft WiFi as a benefit of office 365 Enterprise, so organizations can keep employees connected and productive wherever they are in the world.

In order to be productive, our employees need to be connected. In a world where the workforce is increasingly mobile, people need connectivity on the go to close a sale, to sign a contract, to share, and collaborate. If your company invests on great tools such as Microsoft Office and cloud solutions to make information flow across the organization, you should enable your employees to make the most of it when they are on the go.

How Subscribers can Access MicrofotWifi ?
Microsoft is providing a cross platform App supporting (Windows, iOS, Android) for subscribed users who need to authenticate once and then seamlessly use the service across all the HotSpots which the company has partnered with.

Google has already invested in a company which brings Social Wi-Fi sharing platform through La Fonero (Shared Wi-Fi Routers). As we slowly move into an era of Internet of Things we’ll be able to see more Win-Win partnerships (Telcos across the World will demand their of Flesh) based on the famous Nash Equilibrium.

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