Hello to Convergence!


I am all exicted to write about the Convergence scenario in India. For some reason I don’t buy the argument of the term “_broadband_” as cell phones, PDAs, Landlines, etc..don’t fit in that category and hence I am going with Convergence. Also India has always stayed a step ahead, by bypassing technologies such as TDMA, Mainframes, etc. Don’t be surprised if their are more Microsoft Media Center users in India, than elsewhere in the world. Well I haven’t forgotten that how much I have invested to buy the domain BroadbandIndia.com in the hype.

What took me so long to start this ? Well I existed as Broadband India. I have torn down the site but will re-launch with new look and feel and we will move on to Convergence.In phasing out broadband.

And the tagline, “linking diversity!”. At first I thought of – Connecting Diversity, but doesn’t sound original as Nokia has “Connecting People” and Toshiba says, “Don’t Copy, Lead” ;-) . I wanted “Diversity” to be present no matter where, because India as a nation is rich with social and cultural diversity.

I caught up with corporate India during my early teens. Read a lot about Indian business in various magazines. So dont be surprised to see some postings where I talk about about promoters or CEOs background.

Please feel free to paint my thoughts in Black & White.

Convergence.In Broadband.Out -)

One thought on “Hello to Convergence!”

  1. hi dude, got ur website in Google search results, nd read many of ur posts like thesis, m amazed by d passionate way u write…

    Keep writing, many must be reading, including me…

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