All India Mobile Number Portability Trends

Early Trends after the introduction of All India Mobile Number Portability is in-line with my expectation – CDMA and BSNL will be the biggest losers. Operators launched competing plans for Number Portability. Surprisingly it is Vodafone which has captured the most number of Port-Ins followed by Idea with its aggressive advertising campaign. However, compared to a massive 725 Mn Subscriber base on all India basis, the churn is very very low as I expected upto 5% of subscriber base then. It is not even 1% now so I was awful in this prediction.

Here is the complete Data on Operator, Port-In, Port-Out and Net Gain

  • Vodafone 94747 44041 50,706
  • Idea Cellular 74978 43011 31,967
  • Aircel 36650 14574 22,076
  • Airtel 77240 60970 16,270
  • Tata Tele GSM 41448 25360 16,088

Top 5 Losers In Mobile Number Portability

  • BSNL 13522 61315  -47,793 [Worst customer service and bad network implementation]
  • Reliance GSM 1664 35663 -33, 999 [Anil Ambani unable to run any of his businesses. He Should Quit and pave way for professionals]
  • Tata Tele CDMA 1573 26251 -24,678 [CDMA woes ]
  • Reliance CDMA 343 23264 -22,921

These are numbers for 11 days into Number portability as on Jan-31st. Readers, my goal is to share the most accurate data obtained directly from the source. Once again, this blog is an excerpt of my Research writings on Telecom without any compromise on the integrity. My interest is always the Consumer and Government [Revenue, National Interest, Security etc]

4 thoughts on “All India Mobile Number Portability Trends”

  1. though total lost customer of reliance is more than any one. if you call in reliance network it will begin with long hunting , so that other customer cant call them and loss of revenue of other customer increases.

  2. Can i change CDMA to GSM by MNP?
    I am having Reliance CDMA set. I want to change to some other network. Is it is possible..plz tell..

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