Pixazza Advertising to Monetize Photo Inventory – Microsoft Owns Patent ?

Silicon Valley startup company Pixazza has raised cash from Google selling its Product of monetizing Photo Inventory by Advertisements. Late 2005 and early 2006 seeing the Google Stock hitting a new peak I decided to innovate a competing product for Text based Google’s AdSense.

Influenced by the Software King in the King County, I went into Think Day mode in Jan-06 [he goes out on Think Week]. A mentor in King County who provided me Free accommodation always said that Innovation / Killer products always comes in different form and thus I was always thinking for a different and something original. I stumbled upon an idea [ Shopping on Rich Media as Web 2.0 Apps were moving in that direction] and came across this – Embedding URI in Rich Media. [Proof of concept 13-Jan-2006] However, my joy was short lived as my patent search lead to Microsoft filing for almost similar Patent and my chances of securing the patent weakened. Subsequently, I found out that the Software Czars Research Labs was already developing as an SDK for the same and I totally gave up on that 🙂

Now, the unanswered questions on my mind is what is that is screwing up Microsoft so badly that they are always late to reach the Web 2.0 ? Pixazza was founded in 2008 and wondering if they have already licensed the technology or how will they fight Microsoft as Redmond Giant may outright refuse to license their patent for obvious reason 🙂

3 thoughts on “Pixazza Advertising to Monetize Photo Inventory – Microsoft Owns Patent ?”

  1. I loved the whole idea and execution. Its truly innovative, no doubt Google funded them.

    Brilliant technology and out of box thinking. But they should work on the name, Pixazza seems a bit tough.

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