Bank of India Attack – Arrogant Cybercrime Police and Web Host

You have probably read on Sunbeltblog by now that Bank Of India website has been infected to install Trojans. I am checking from my Linux terminal the website at 1:15 PM IST and the malicious code still exists. See Below. Please do not visit the BOI website, yet.

I called Chic Infotech the company maintaing the BOI website and their arrogant response was its working just fine. Alerted her about the malicious code in the iframe and she told she will look into it and hung up. They could have taken the site offline by viewing the code on the webserver.

Bangalore’s Cybercrime Police doesn’t deserve the credit it should. First, the numbers listed on their website don’t work, you have to prefix 2 to the numbers listed. The cop refused to register a complaint saying that only BoI can register it. So this is the shameful democracy we Indians live in, a crime is being committed and our Cybercrime Police doesn’t even want to look into it and prefer to ignore.

Nikhil Pahwa alerted that e-mails of Indian missions in US and China; NDA DRDO are all open to cyber criminals. DeRangedSecurity.Com has the list 🙂

5 thoughts on “Bank of India Attack – Arrogant Cybercrime Police and Web Host”

  1. I’m not surprised at the response of the Bank Of India staff as well as the Chic INfoTech Staff. The bitch probably does not even know what an iframe is. She would have been fired by now had she been in the US. Good luck to all you Indians especially when dealing with the Cybercrime police.

    Retired Police constables are probably working at the cybercrime offices 🙂

  2. India does not want to make anything secure by itself, however it wants to complain against Google for gmaps showing the land marks HAHAHA

  3. Who says that Indian sites are unsafe and people don’t know what is technology. I was a consultant to a technology crime buster unit, and we got requests from all crime units in europe, US as we could make breakthroughs at half their cost and half their time. All these so called advanced countries rely on us Indians to advance their technology. Good luck to you guys, if we Indians stop participating in your technology advancements. You have the money and we have the brains – and you know who wins in such cases.

  4. No one is denying the work of Indians. But you must note that Indian companies have no respect for security online. Let alone their customer service sites. Please show me one site that is secure and in working condition from the telecom companies. AirTel sucks !!! Don’t even want to mention BSNL.

    And please don’t be so overconfident about your brains, a lot of people over the world do have brains however it’s just a matter of how arrogant it is.

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