Madhouse entertains India – Offers DVD Rentals

Madhouse - Rent a DVD in India

I had a chance to interact with Madhouse ( team and excerpts are as follows.

Who  & Where – Madhouse Entertainment, Chandigrah, Noida,  Delhi and surrounding areas.

What They Do  – Madhouse understands you and is determined to transform the way you choose and watch high quality DVDs (Movies), served at your doorstep. They’ll also serve you with Games, Music and Audio Books. No they are not replicating American business model and have a very clear understanding of Indian consumer needs.

Company: Madhouse is founded by professionals who have complementary skills, work experience and the energy to build a national brand. One of their founders, Nandini made it to the Top-8 of Business Baazigar contest. Madhouse has a unique business model and is not an online only business and will  they offer multi-touch points for consumers (Phone, SMS, E-Mail, Kiosks and Tie-up with retailers). Madhouse will let its customers rate, review, recommend and the best one is form a friendship network and see what your friends are viewing or playing.

Goal: In 6 months, Madhouse intends to be the market leader in movie rental space in all the markets that it will be operating in. It has considerable number of customers and is expecting to grow exponentially this quarter. Madhouse started with seed capital from founders and is now angel funded by well established angel investors.

The Deal: Madhouse has various rate plans to suit your needs and has no account opening fees. It is open for subscription by invitation only and you can use the subscription codegoBroadband” which will also let you avail a 10% discount on first month rental or first movie pack rental.

Madhouse - Rent DVDs Online

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Update: Minor corrections.

9 thoughts on “Madhouse entertains India – Offers DVD Rentals”

  1. It would be easier for the customers if the promotion code is automatically filled up when clicked on the link above that takes to the MadHouse sign up form.

  2. Have a nagging doubt about the tags you used for this : “Web 2.0” and “Gaming India”, Online DVD rentals cannot be categorized as web 2.0 or Gaming for that matter.

    Anyway, Nice informative post!.. keep ’em coming …

  3. stocks DVDs coded for wrong regions. I got my second DVD which was for region 3! I could not play it and have requested them to take it back. Now I am worried whether their english movie collection has more of that??

  4. Madhouse rocks !!

    I am a member of in Delhi for last 3 months and have watched some of the best hollywood & bollywood flicks by renting their dvds.Not only that I also get a Act-2 popcorn sachet to bake and enjoy my movie.This is really a great idea.

    Guys keep this rolling…………..

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