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Why Paired Band Spectrum Makes Less Sense in an Era of Mobile Broadband Apps ?

Mobile Broadband SpectrumInternet has evolved to send a much greater proportion of traffic down to the user relative to the amount of traffic sent back up to the Networks. The rapid rise in demand for high-bandwidth applications, such as online video and gaming, have accelerated the proportion of downstream traffic on the wired Internet to as much as 90%.

For many decades, regulators across the world have generally licensed spectrum in paired bands, whereby 50% of the spectrum was allocated to the downlink and 50% was allocated to the uplink. These allocations made sense in the “old world” of wireless in which 2-way voice was the predominant use for the spectrum.
Changing Spectrum Usage Voice Vs Data

In the new world, mobile broadband is the primary driver of traffic growth and most of the traffic consumption is flowing downstream from the network to the mobile device, which is similar to the wireline experience. This is a huge shift for network traffic management Continue reading Why Paired Band Spectrum Makes Less Sense in an Era of Mobile Broadband Apps ?

Reliance Free Notebook with Wireless Internet Subscription

Reliance Communications has unveiled a Free Notebook offer with a 24 month subscription to Reliance Wireless Internet / Netconnect. If you notice, RCom brands this service as Internet / Netconnect and not broadband or broadnet, that means the speed one gets is definitely less than 256 Kbps.

Why is Reliance Communications getting aggressive here ?

RCom is serving its Wireless internet customers on 1xRTT Technology in the CDMA technology. RCom’s strategy here is to have as many customers as possible on this platform [evident from Big TV DTH numbers] as they can later upgrade them once 3G rollout happens, hopefully in the next 18 months. So will RCom’s CDMA network be more for Internet / Data usage ?

GSM Subscribers have all the Fun, so migrate CDMA subscribers to GSM ?

Going by the ARPU differential between RCom and Bharti Airtel, it is evident that high paying consumers are on the GSM network and hence Reliance has no choice but to migtare migrate. Also if you notice, all the popular smart phone handsets are released for GSM network [iPhone, Google Android, Nokia’s N Series, etc] They are the potential customers to fill the Telcos coffers with high usage [Voice, Data, Value Added Services etc]