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Mediatek Powered Octa-Core Processors for SmartPhones to Launch in 2014

mediateck processors smartphoneMediatek the Fabless Semiconductor Giant for SmartPhones has forged into octa-core processors for smartphone IC and has been well received in the maket. Given this, octa-core ICs could become mainstream in China by 2014. Its octa-core Cortex A7 MT6592 IC has impressive clock speeds of 1.7-2GHz, and has low power consumption as it can shift between running single and multiple cores simultaneously (its competitor’s existing octa-core application processor with a big.LITTLE architecture consists of four Cortex A7 cores and four A15 cores). The MT6592 should help China smartphone makers gain access to the mid-range and high-end largescreen (4.8-6″) smartphone segments, as well as help Mediatek receive more orders globally. Continue reading Mediatek Powered Octa-Core Processors for SmartPhones to Launch in 2014

MediaTek Aggressive Tablet Push – Moves to OctaCore Mobile Processors

Mediatek OctaCore Mobile ProcessorsMediatek fabless communications products company is focusing more on branded tablet customers such as Lenovo, Acer and Asus with new AP Рdualcore MT8125 and MT8135. The new MT8135 tablet product to be launched in 3Q13 is powered by quad-core ARM Cortex A15 and A7 with big.LITTLE heterogeneous multi-processing. MT8135 integrates a more powerful multi-core GPU (based on PowerVR Series6) optimised by Mediatek’s internal GPU team to enable branded tablet customers to be more competitive. Entry barrier in GPU should help widen the gap between Mediatek and domestic Chinese competitors. Continue reading MediaTek Aggressive Tablet Push РMoves to OctaCore Mobile Processors

MediaTek Upbeat on Global SmartPhone Market

mediatek mobile processorFabless Semiconductor company, MediaTek is upbeat on the SmartPhone Market Globally. MediaTek is working to capture the steep portion of the emerging market smartphones with a product portfolio spanning a broad range of standards, price points and device form factors from 3.5″ entry level smartphones up to 10″ branded 3G tablets with high resolution displays and Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity. Mediatek will have new product ramps through the year, with quad core for TD-SCDMA + WCDMA, dual core for TD-SCDMA + EDGE, stand-alone quad core application processor (with big little A7+A15) for tablets, and LTE chipset in 4Q13. Continue reading MediaTek Upbeat on Global SmartPhone Market