MediaTek Upbeat on Global SmartPhone Market

mediatek mobile processorFabless Semiconductor company, MediaTek is upbeat on the SmartPhone Market Globally. MediaTek is working to capture the steep portion of the emerging market smartphones with a product portfolio spanning a broad range of standards, price points and device form factors from 3.5″ entry level smartphones up to 10″ branded 3G tablets with high resolution displays and Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity. Mediatek will have new product ramps through the year, with quad core for TD-SCDMA + WCDMA, dual core for TD-SCDMA + EDGE, stand-alone quad core application processor (with big little A7+A15) for tablets, and LTE chipset in 4Q13.

MediaTek’s Multi-Core Products
MediaTek has started ramping its multi-core chipset with the quad-core WCDMA/TDSCDMA MT6589 in 1Q13. Key new smartphone products include the dual-core TD in late May (MT6572), the second generation quad core in 3Q13 (MT6582), both with higher level of integration (internal 32K clock, SAW-less filters, single antenna) that reduces external BOM costs. Multi-network support on the single-chip MT6589 and MT6572 is allowing design wins in both WCDMA and TD-SCDMA platforms.

MediaTek has more design wins with major Chinese smartphone brands than Qualcomm. MediaTek has notable design wins across multiple smartphone models at ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, Coolpad and TCL Communications, while Qualcomm has made some in-roads at ZTE, K-Touch and Northern Spicy. MediaTek expects quad core chipsets to ramp to 25-30% of total unit shipments andtargets its market share in TDSCDMA to reach 40% in 2013 driven by higher dual-core mix in China TD-SCDMA market. MediaTek expects to have the multi-core (MT8135) big.LITTLE ARM Coretex A7+A15 standalone apps processor for tablets in 3Q13, with improved GPU power by Imagination’s Series-6 core.

The following Chart shows MediaTek acceptability vs Qualcomm in SmartPhone Processors / Chipset Market

MediaTek is also expanding its offerings rapidly in the fast Growing Tablets Market as well.

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