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How HyperScale / Public Cloud is driving Today’s Computing ?

Hyperscale ComputingEnterprise IT now senses a threat to its existence from the Public Cloud especially as more business users have begun to utilize the Public Cloud. Vendors who will truly benefit from this trend and grow are those who enable the technology and IT consumption model transitions, as well as those who usher Cloud and hyper-scale technologies and architectures into the enterprise.

A key element of architectures deployed by the large web-scale players such as Google and Facebook and large Cloud Players such as Amazon is the abstraction of all intelligence and function from commodity hardware into a software layer across all components of the data center stack – server, storage and networking. Since all functions required to manage the architecture are Continue reading How HyperScale / Public Cloud is driving Today’s Computing ?

What Videos on Instagram Mean to Facebook ?

Videos on Instagram by Facebook - AnalysisFacebook launched Video on Instagram, which will offer functionality comparable to Vine (a similar service owned by Twitter) and other video social networks. The video service enables users to post 15-second videos on Instagram and have 13 custom filter choices to edit the video. Video on Instagram is available on iOS and Android apps today, and can be viewed on the Web. This video feature as a core social feature that should drive higher engagement on the Instagram platform. Continue reading What Videos on Instagram Mean to Facebook ?

Think the FaceBook Way – Platform of the Decade

As the Valley innovates stronger platforms with fabulous business models have emerged and this time it is all about Social Connectivity in the context of Facebook or similar platform, but for now lets assume Facebook. I am a reasonably good analyst in placing bets in the IT & Telecom sector with good hit ratio of 90% over the past decade 🙂 Four years ago, I wrote Facebook is the new WWW and today you all know which is the most popular Website / Service on the Internet. I will be writing series of posts on how Facebook has influenced half a billion and is preparing to get another billion [800 mn from ChIndia] on to the the platform within the next few years [by 2015].

Seeing the trends in handheld devices [ Mobile + Tablet & variants etc] I can’t Continue reading Think the FaceBook Way – Platform of the Decade