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Rise & Rise of Google Cloud Computing Platform

google-cloud-platform-billion-dollar-businessGoogle argues that its cloud infrastructure is already design’ed for enterprise grade scalability (the pitch being “You can run on Google“), reliability and security and that it has the best fiber network in the industry. Google argues that if engineers were making the choice of cloud infrastructure, most would choose Google Cloud Platform – GCP given capabilities such as lightning-fast VM loading times, flexible per-minute pricing, simple and fast configuration, superior container-centric services and second-to-none machine learning and analytics functions such as BigQuery (which Google argues is superior to AWS). Google argues that its Google Compute Engine infrastructure can technically do anything that Amazon Web Service or Microsoft’s Azure can do. It is just that the Software Architects and Engineers need to be smart as it is not a direct Continue reading Rise & Rise of Google Cloud Computing Platform

How HyperScale / Public Cloud is driving Today’s Computing ?

Hyperscale ComputingEnterprise IT now senses a threat to its existence from the Public Cloud especially as more business users have begun to utilize the Public Cloud. Vendors who will truly benefit from this trend and grow are those who enable the technology and IT consumption model transitions, as well as those who usher Cloud and hyper-scale technologies and architectures into the enterprise.

A key element of architectures deployed by the large web-scale players such as Google and Facebook and large Cloud Players such as Amazon is the abstraction of all intelligence and function from commodity hardware into a software layer across all components of the data center stack – server, storage and networking. Since all functions required to manage the architecture are Continue reading How HyperScale / Public Cloud is driving Today’s Computing ?

Tata Communications Banking on Managed Services

Cloud-Managed-ServicesChanges in the telecom and internet market, including significant competitive and regulatory pressures, are driving business and IT transformation within network service providers worldwide. To overcome these challenges, operators are steering their businesses towards multi-sided, cross industry collaborative models, wherein service providers equipped with the relevant infrastructure and delivery capabilities will provide managed and end-to-end services. The value additive nature of the managed services business renders it less vulnerable to technology upgradation and hence service providers can charge premium value based prices. Continue reading Tata Communications Banking on Managed Services