Alibaba from Commerce to Cloud AI with ET

alibaba-commerce-to-cloudAt the Alibaba Computing Conference in Hangzhou, the company unveiled partnership with the Hangzhou government city management and AI-enabled AliCloud ET, showing BABA’s leadership in computing and data-enabled intelligence.

Jack Ma delivered an opening speech, highlighting that technology innovation will further reshapes various industries. The conference covers frontier topics, including cloud computing, Big Data, artificial intelligence and fintech, and Ali Cloud announced new initiatives such as its cooperation with the Hangzhou government to create a city intelligent transportation system by leveraging AI and cloud computing technologies. We still view the cloud business as the next revenue driver, considering Alibaba’s leading role in the fast-expanding market.

On the commerce front, Alibaba has been making efforts to work with overseas partners to introduce high-quality goods to Chinese customers. BABA has signed a cooperation agreement with the Canadian government to enable the Canadian business to directly reach Chinese consumers through Tmall Global. Alibaba also formed a strategic collaboration with the Australian Trade and Investment Commission to boost exports to China and promote Australian meat, dairy, seafood and other fresh foods on Tmall Fresh.

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