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900MHz Spectrum Renewal for RCom – Incumbents to Bid in Auction

Reliance GSM Spectrum in North EastAnil Ambani managed Reliance Communications’ 900MHz GSM spectrum in seven circles (Assam, Bihar, HP, MP, North East, Odisha and West Bengal) expires in Dec 2015; RCom would need to renew its current spectrum holdings in these circles in an Auction sometime between now and Dec 2015. RCom holds 6.2 MHz of 900 band spectrum in five of these seven circles and 4.4 MHz in this band in the other two; it also holds 1.8 MHz of 1800 band spectrum in three of the seven circles. Continue reading 900MHz Spectrum Renewal for RCom – Incumbents to Bid in Auction

Airtel Vodafone Idea 2G Data Tariff Increase Confirms Cartelization

Airtel Vodafone Idea Telecom CartelAt a time when Indian Telecom Operators are dropping 3G prices, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular [A-Vo-Id] have bucked the trend and are instead raising 2G data prices offering pathetic data speed and have refused to move an inch on 3G data pricing.

A-Vo-Id Cartel have increased 2G data tariffs (1GB @ Rs150-155 from ~Rs125 earlier). This is the 2nd increase in 2G data tariffs by incumbent Continue reading Airtel Vodafone Idea 2G Data Tariff Increase Confirms Cartelization

3 Years after 3G Auction, A-Vo-Id Operators light 35% of their Towers with 3G & Carry 14% of Voice Traffic

Airtel Vodafone Idea Offloading Voice Traffic to 3G networkThree years after the auction of 3G Spectrum in India, popular Telecom enthusiasts perception is that 3G in India so far has been a failure, with 3G data revenues accounting for less than 3% of mobile operators’ revenues. While 3G data revenue uptick is one of the most important end results operators would like to see from the 3G investments, a sole focus on this metric alone misses the full picture, and the benefits already accruing to telecom companies.

Airtel, Vodafone and Idea [A-Vo-Id] have ~35% of mobile sites in 3G circles already 3G enabled. Most of the top cities in these regions are already under 3G coverage—suggesting the near-term 3G catchment areas are well under coverage. Continue reading 3 Years after 3G Auction, A-Vo-Id Operators light 35% of their Towers with 3G & Carry 14% of Voice Traffic

A-Vo-ID Group 2G Data Rate Cut an eyewash – 2G Data Still Expensive

A-Vo-Id Group Rate Cuts an eyewashThe A-Voi-Id [Airtel, Vodafone and Idea] group led by Vodafone has slashed data prices by 80% and Airtel and Idea have cut data usage rates by 90% in the last week. On the first read this is very appealing but in reality the rate cuts apply to pay-per-use plans, applicable to introductory data users and data plan users, after initial data allowances have been exhausted.

We all know that Heavy data users are likely to subscribe to a data plan, based on their usage patterns. Thus, a very small proportion of data users would actually end up paying on the basis of the higher pay-per-use rate. Continue reading A-Vo-ID Group 2G Data Rate Cut an eyewash – 2G Data Still Expensive

TRAI Recommends SMS Termination Fee – Negative for Incumbents

SMS Termination Fee India Indian Telecom Operators followed a “bill and keep” regime for SMS (zero SMS termination rates, in practical terms) for a long time. The incumbents, led by Airtel, decided to impose a 10 paise / SMS termination charge on incoming SMS at various times in the past couple of years. The move was driven by increasing incoming SMS imbalance between the incumbents and the new entrants – as the latter had started selling massively discounted SMS packs in the market and this led to a sharp increase in incoming SMS volumes on incumbents’ networks without them getting compensated for the same.

Incumbents’ decision to change SMS Interconnect [IC] agreements led to several cases in the TDSAT – these were settled in the incumbents’ favor by the TDSAT. SMS IC rates have been at 10 paise / SMS since then. Continue reading TRAI Recommends SMS Termination Fee – Negative for Incumbents

A-Vo-Id Cartel Onslaught on Tata DoCoMo GSM Spectrum Cancellation – Just to Create Panic ?

A-Vo-ID-Telecom Cartel-IndiaThe A-Vo-Id Cartel comprising of Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular intensified its war on cancellation of GSM Spectrum awarded to Tata DoCoMo / Tele Services during the 2G Spectrum Scam under then Telecommunications Minister A. Raja and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. The fresh onslaught begins today as the A-Vo-Id cartel is Armed with legal ammunition from Sr. Advocate F.S Nariman who has given his opinion as under,

It is clear that the spectrum allocated to Tata Teleservices was quashed by the Supreme Court. In the view thereof, it is permissible for the querist (COAI) to take all steps that are consequential to cancellation of spectrum.

The A-Vo-Id Cartel is writing to DoT to cancel the GSM Specturm awarded to Tata DoCoMo during the Spectrum Scam. If the corrupt DoT restores to more corruption and doesn’t cancel the spectrum, A-Vo-Id operators have decided to block all calls to Tata DoCoMo GSM network.

Idea Cellular had earlier approached the Supreme Court for a directive to DoT to include the GSM Spectrum of Tata DoCoMo in the forthcoming Spectrum Auction. However, the Supreme Court had dismissed the petition on Feb-15-2013 stating

No further order is required to be passed in this petition and the same is disposed of as such

A-Vo-Id Cartel is backing its claim on one of the Press Releases issued by the DoT on Jan-10-2008 for which their legal expert has stated as under,

The Supreme Court has cancelled all spectrum allocations pursuant to the two press releases dated January 10, 2008, and no exception has been made with respect to Tata Teleservices

In my opinion, the Honorable Supreme Court should have then specifically added the list of all operators whose spectrum allotment should be cancelled to its judegement. With Nira Radia tapes in the Public Domain it is beyond doubt that Tata DoCoMo engaged in corruption & lobbying with A. Raja for obtaining telecom spectrum.

Even if the A-Vo-Id Cartel loses the case, it is likely to create panic amongst Tata DoCoMo subscribers. Will Cyrus Mistry the new Tata Group Chairman sail through this high tide as the Tata family’s trusted Sr. Advocate’s opinion is against the Tata Group.