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MTS MBlaze to Deploy 4G LTE Network in 800MHz Band – Upbeat about Data in India

MTS MBlze 4G LTE IndiaMTS Sistema India, with 11mn wireless subscribers in India, is down to operations in 9 circles now, but is still sounding upbeat on exploiting its data capabilities (LTE outlook) and focusing more on tier 2/3 cities. These 9 circles represent 75% of their existing revenues and around 60% total market coverage.

MTS Sistema India in a Conference Call said that it is well positioned to grow LTE on 800MHz given regional developments on this band and also now that the spectrum is considered “technology neutral“, allowing it to offer LTE eventually all operators could benefit upon license renewals. As seen in most other countries, the 4G / LTE spectrum is expensive and here in India, theoretically, operators can now get 4G at lower prices, which could be very compelling given the data growth expectations. Continue reading MTS MBlaze to Deploy 4G LTE Network in 800MHz Band – Upbeat about Data in India

Indian Mobile 2G /3G /4G Powered by Microwave Backhaul than OFC

Wireless India BackhaulToday we’d like to enlighten on the Backhaul Connectivity of Indian Wireless Networks [2G / 3G / 4G-LTE]. For now, read Backhaul as the connectivity between the tower (site) and the inner parts of the network through which the aggregate of all traffic from mobile terminals served by a tower is transported to the core network (to be passed on to other parts of the network /Internet / other networks, etc.).

In conversation with various industry experts, we gather information that a whopping 70% to 80% of towers in India are fed by microwave-based backhaul, with very few towers being fed by optic fibre connectivity. Microwave has limited capacity while fibre can offer theoretically unlimited capacity. Microwave backhaul is sufficient for towers that mainly handle voice, but for high-traffic loads Continue reading Indian Mobile 2G /3G /4G Powered by Microwave Backhaul than OFC

1800MHz Band Matured for 4G / LTE – Will Idea & Vodafone Bid ?

Data from Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) suggests that one third of today’s 96 commercial LTE operators have deployed 4G / LTE using the 1800MHz spectrum in their networks. The benefits are many, as the coverage area is 1.5x – 2x compared with deploying the 2.6 GHz band and there is a possibility of re-using network assets – antenna cables of GSM1800 or WCDMA HSPA 2100.

The Following chart Shows the Advantages of 1800MHz LTE Continue reading 1800MHz Band Matured for 4G / LTE – Will Idea & Vodafone Bid ?

Idea Reducing Promotional Offers, Positive on 3G, 4G LTE Only On Right Spectrum

Idea Cellular 3G Big GrowthIdea Cellular, third Largest Wireless Service Provider in India on the basis of Revenue Market share has some interesting insights to share. The company has a gap between current (34 paise) and headline (43 paise) voice RPM will continue to narrow as promotional offers keep declining at a faster clip with reducing competition.

Idea currently loses Rs 135 mn per day on promotional offers (due to 9 paise lower RPM compared to headline tariff). As promotional offers are being gradually withdrawn (from August 2012), the share of dual SIMs in the industry has been declining (1.15x vs. 1.3x a year ago). Also, with declining competitive intensity, minutes will migrate from marginal players to old operators as price arbitrage reduces. Continue reading Idea Reducing Promotional Offers, Positive on 3G, 4G LTE Only On Right Spectrum

Airtel 4G LTE Reach 20K Subscribers – Challenges Galore – Sunil Mittal

Airtel 4G LTEThere is a strong industry collaboration between operators, handset vendors and component makers to accelerate TD-LTE momentum. One must note that the focus is on multi-mode solutions, given the majority of operators will launch TD-LTE as an adjunct to another service. LG Electronics noted that it has worked closely with China Mobile and Qualcomm on stabilizing the LTE network.

Intel and Broadcom have announced TD-LTE Modems. Qualcomm has announced its new RF360 chip that offers support for seven cellular modes (including TD-LTE) and all 40 cellular radio bands currently in use.

On the Mobile Handset Side, Samsung and Nokia have committed to a Dual-mode FD / TD-LTE handset due by mid-2013. The Notable support comes from LG Electronics which holds large number of 4G Mobile SmartPhone Patents. LG has demonstrated a modified Optimus G TD-LTE phone at Mobile World Congress. While it did not confirm a launch date, it pledged a full line of TD-LTE handsets for China Mobile, including both high-end and low-end models.

Bharti Airtel Chairman Mr.Sunil Mittal on India’s First 4G LTE Network

  • Mittal stressed that TD-LTE will be a key part of the solution to India’s broadband challenge as the fixed-line infrastructure will never be strong
  • 3G take off a bit slower than expected due in part to the limited supply of low-cost smartphones – he suggested they need to get handset supply at the USD50 level
  • TD-LTE signal propagation at 2.3GHz has been worse than they expected and that the industry needs to come up with cheaper, small-cell solutions to make the technology viable in markets such as India
  • Airtel 4G has 20,000 customers on TD-LTE, with no churn, as the user experience is a huge step up from weak wireline services

So if you are a RF / Networking Major, you should be thinking out of the the box to design Small Cell Data Network Solutions for the price sensitive Indian market. Any other thoughts to take the go Affordable Broadband in India ?

India QoQ 3G Data Growth Strong and Rising

Over the past 12 months, Indian Telecom Operators have started disclosing Data Revenues and metrics separately to give a sense of the performance of Data Networks in India. Currently, data revenue is being driven by 2G data, as 3G smartphone penetration is still low and 90% of data subscribers are still on 2G. However, 3G data revenue is set to pick up. On the back of rising investments in 3G networks, improving smartphone penetration and narrowing data pricing arbitrage between 2G and 3G. Continue reading India QoQ 3G Data Growth Strong and Rising