2012 Global SmartPhone Shipment Data – Samsung Leads followed by iPhone

In CY 2012, 730 Mn SmartPhones were sold worldwide with Samsung taking the crown and reporting a global MarketShare of 29% followed by Apple’s iPhone with 21% doing extremely well in the United States but trailing elsewhere. Galaxy S3 Sales may decline double digits in 1Q-2013 ahead of the likely introduction of Galaxy S4 in 2Q. For Apple, iPhone 5 continues to trend slower in 1Q that means iPhone 4S Sold like Hot Cakes in Q4-2012. iPhone 5: Total builds are lowered to 23-25mn units in 1Q13, vs. previous forecast of 25-27mn units a month ago . For HTC, M7 sell in likely to peak in March with 2Q momentum still subject to final sell-through

SmartPhone Marketshare by Brands in 2012 is as follows,
Samsung – 29%
Apple – 21%
Huawei – 5%
LG – 4%
Sony – 4%
ZTE – 4%
RIM – 3%
HTC – 3%
Others – 27%

In the United States, Apple iPhone occupied the Top Slot with 45% share in Q4-2012 while Samsung had to be content with 27%. iPad mini supply chain shipments on track at 12-13mn units in 1Q. iPad 4 supply chain run rate for iPad 4 might decline double digits in 1Q for total builds of 6-7mn units.

When it comes to Platform, Android is the undisputed leader with 68% marketshare as most Vendors have a SmartPhone using this Mobile OS. The following Chart shows the MarketShare of Mobile OS.

In 2013, Asia Pacfic Excluding Japan will have 50% of the World’s SmartPhone sales led by China. SmartPhone Sales is directly linked to the 3G Penetration rate. Japan with almost 100% 3G Coverage saw 85% of the mobile handsets sold to be SmartPhones. The following Chart shows the Co-relation of 3G Penetration and SmartPhone Sales Globally.

Data Source for the above Compilation: Gartner

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