Simply Reliance Unlimited CDMA Calling Plans – A Gimmick + Lie

As competition intensifies, new innovative tariff structure greet consumers. Last October I had said that there is till more to come, especially the unlimited Calling Plans were missing and Reliance has introduced the same but still falling short of my expectation

Reliance Communications has launched Simply Reliance Unlimited CDMA Local Calling Plan at Rs 299 / Month to any Phone in the Circle [Twice its ARPU / Month] STD Calls will be charged at Rs 0.50 / Month, in-line with already existing Simple Reliance Plan. They have also introduces Simply Reliance Unlimited CDMA National Pack where fixed monthly rental is Rs 599 / Month and user can call any phone in India [Local or STD] with unlimited talk time. The Gimmick and the Lie by Reliance Communications is that Unlimited is defined as 30 Minutes / day and 30 days a month. All Calls beyond this limit will be charged at flat RS 0.50 / minute.

Reliance Communications which has deployed Chinese Equipment to power its CDMA network is expected to get a blow if the law on phasing out Made in China from Indian Telecom Industry is passed which will put the company in deep Chinese Red 😉 Can Anil Ambani successfully swim across the tide of mounting debt, unexpected rising  CAPEX , 3G Spectrum burden(if any) and falling ARPU ?

Uninor has also launched “talk unlimited plan” gimmick in two variants
2,000 local on-net minutes calls free per month for Rs37, and
2,000 local on-net and 700 local off-net minutes free per month for Rs197.
No discounts on long distance calls.

7 thoughts on “Simply Reliance Unlimited CDMA Calling Plans – A Gimmick + Lie”

  1. dude… how can u expect any operator to provide unlimited calling to other network when they all have to pay call termination charges???

    This is an unfair expectation.

    They can offer unlimited on their network but not on others….

  2. @Praveen,

    I am not your F**ing dude, don’t ever call me that. I am no fool to write it as a Gimmick without understanding what it means. FYI, no where in the guidelines by TRAI or DoT there is Fair Usage Policy [Show me if there is one]. I take extreme opinion when companies like Reliance resort to lying and cheating consumers with false marketing keywords.

  3. now their website says onnet calls also have a FUP of 2700 mins. these guys are really shameless. for onnet their fup is on monthly basis for offnet their fup is on daily basis SIMPLY FOOLING CUSTOMERS.

  4. Hello All,

    They are saying that 30 mins/day are allowed. My call rates are 1rs./3 minutes . it means 10 rs. per day. 300 rs. per month. Why sud someone go for 599 rs. per month. they are simply befooling customers.

  5. Thanks for this blog. These guys are using Gimmicks indeed. I am a unfortunate reliance netconnect broadband customer ; will you believe that they don’t show my usage with a split on onpeak and offpeak (for which i am charged separately) and neither do they show my usage in MBs its in Kbs (so i do the maths).

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