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Airtel & Reliance Connect 16K SMEs With P2P Wireless Broadband

Point to Point Wireless Broadband ConnectionsIf you are a regular reader here [As If I update Regularly ?], you know Broadband is my Food ๐Ÿ™‚ I can go without food for a Day but not Broadband. I knew that Airtel and Reliance Communications have been deploying Wireless Point to Point Technologies for SMEs where they couldn’t wire. I had a brief communication with one Mr. Wali in Airtel Delhi and he was all excited to establish a connection for me while Reliance Communications call went unanswered.

So what is this P2P Wireless Broadband ?
P2P is Point to Point Communication using the underlying Free Spectrum of 2.4GHz of 5.8GHz which also overlaps as WiMax. Additionally, I shared the details of both the operators deployment and a subject expert Mr. Sam Churchill of DailyWireless was courteous enough to respond stating as under, Continue reading Airtel & Reliance Connect 16K SMEs With P2P Wireless Broadband

Qualcomm’s Bid for BWA Spectrum – WiMax Forum Protests

Qualcomm which changed and diluted its arrogance stand on its proprietary CDMA chip sets by promoting the Open Market Handset Alliance last year has realized the potential, a country with billion hands offers to it, and has now gone to an extra mile to bid for Broadband Wireless Access Spectrum. We believe Qualcomm is late into the game, as the powerful WiMax forum backed by Intel has already got the BWA Spectrum tuned to its requirements [2.3GHz though the Government Document says –ย  There are broadly no restrictions on the technology to be adopted for providing services in the 3G Spectrum and BWA Spectrum] . Nevertheless, Qualcomm can offer similar service. According to Mr. Atul Deshpande an RF expert,

LTE can work on 2.3GHz but access method will be TDD, which is adopted by China.

As expected, Mr. Rao representing the WiMax forum in India has come out in the open against Qualcomm’s bid,

I am concerned that this move by Qualcomm, if they emerge as winners in the bid, may result in the hoarding of Continue reading Qualcomm’s Bid for BWA Spectrum – WiMax Forum Protests

Reliance WiMax Operations Worldwide in Red

Much has been talked about and written about how WiMax will get everybody connected online. However, the Shangri-La picture painted by WiMax lobbyists is far from the ground reality. Here are some facts about Reliance Communications’ WiMax operations across the world.

Reliance Communications – RCom has multiple WiMax subsidiaries across the Globe and all are in Deep Red with some without any customers / revenue. Here is an excerpt Continue reading Reliance WiMax Operations Worldwide in Red

Wireless / Mobile Broadband – EVDO-HSPA-3G Vs WiMax – Will the War Intensify with Spectrum Auction ?

With increasing pressure in Wireless Voice segment, Telcos are now shifting their attention to data services starting with Broadband where ARPU / Month isย  ~4 times than Voice. I would like to do a status check on the available Wireless / Mobile broadband technologies in India and their adoption by Telcos and the results they’ve tasted in the market place.

Reliance Communications started the broadband over WiMax revolution in India 2 years ago followed by Tata Communications / Indicom and both seem to have had tough time. Both of these roll outs have happened on 802.16d while the current WiMax spectrum auction is for 802.16e. Tata Communications has mere 50,000 subscribers on its 1,000 base station WiMax network spread across India. RCom declines to give exact subscribe numbers citing competition as the reason but I am inclined to assume Continue reading Wireless / Mobile Broadband – EVDO-HSPA-3G Vs WiMax – Will the War Intensify with Spectrum Auction ?

3G + WiMax Spectrum Auction – Guidelines + Insight

Finally, I was able to go through the 136 page document. I am very excited about this auction as 3G marks the beginning of Telecom 3.0 in India ๐Ÿ™‚ [Sam Pitroda was Telecom 1.0 and current 2G is Telecom 2.0] DoT has stated its goal is to maximize revenue proceeds from the Auctions in a timely and transparent manner with efficient use of spectrum and avoid hoarding. [Hopefully, they’ll be transparent in the entire process]

Bid Eligibility: So finally DoT had its way over TRAI in letting Foreign Telcos with experience to bid in the 3G + WiMax BWA auction. However, Foreign Telcos are subject to the 74% FDI in Indian Telecom and have to establish an Indian subsidiary with a local partner after the auction and apply for a UAS / CMTC license. Incumbents as well as new licensees holding UAS / CMTS are eligible to bid without any experience clause. For Wimax Spectrum bids, entity could be a Category “A” or Category “B” ISP or furnish an undertaking to obtain a UAS / CMTS license. A clear picture of bidders will unfold around the 10th of Jan’09 when qualified bidders list will be published.

Service Obligations: Winning bidders will be granted the license for a period of 20 years. They additionally have to fulfill service obligations – cover at least at least 50% of the District Headquarter area, out of which at least 15% of the DHQs should be rural Short Distance Charging Areas within a period of 5 years from the date of allotment of spectrum

Mergers & Acquisition: The document states,

The market share of the merged entity in the relevant service area shall not be greater than 40% either in terms of subscriber base separately for wireless as well as wireline subscriber base or in terms of Adjusted Gross Revenue.

Infrastructure Sharing: Passive infrastructure sharing, already in practice and shall be permitted. Active Infrastructure sharing excluding the spectrum will be permitted and essential amendments will be made shortly.

Auction Bid Participation and Process: Telcos are required to submit 25% of the reserved price in each circle for 3G + WiMax spectrum as bank guarantee. List of qualified bidders, ownership data etc will be made public before the commencement of auction. At the end of the final Clock Round, the following information will be provided to Bidders,

the Winning Prices; the Winning Bids made by that Bidder (if any); the number of unsold lots in each service area (i.e. the number of lots available less the total number of Winning Bids in each service area).

Winning Bidders will pay the sum of the relevant Winning Prices set in the Clock Stage plus their Winning Bids in the Assignment Stage. In the event of a tied outcome with more than one assignment producing the same total value of Winning Bids, the tie will be broken by selecting one of the tied outcomes at random. [ Why not go for an auction between the two ? ]

For 3G, the document mentions high speed data transfer speeds of at least 144 kbps. It would have been nice, had they made it at least 256 kbps in accordance with the definition of broadband in India. Stay tuned for regular updates. Working right away on getting information on which way the Telcos will bid. You are welcome to post your comments and thoughts.

Government wants back WiMax Spectrum for BWA Auction

We have reliably learnt from our sources that the Government of India has made mockery of itself demanding WiMax spectrum alloted to ISPs for broadband services.

The government had earlier allocated 2.5GHz spectrum to a number of players including Tata, Bharti, Reliance, Sify and Spectranet. It has now asked the companies to return the spectrum as it wants to auction the same during 3G spectrum auction. This move is facing stiff opposition, especially from smaller ISPs who had resisted Government’s move to auction WiMax spectrum via BWA Policy.

Small companies argue that they have already invested heavily and will run into losses because they have already placed orders for carrier equipment and are ready to roll-out operations. These operators have even threatened to knock the doors of Justice.

In a separate yet related development on WiMax Services in India by Tata Communications / VSNL, its CEO, Mr. Srinath addressing the AGM has acknowledge that company is facing quality problems due to last mile connectivity problems. [Courtesy: Business Line]Despite such problems, Tata Communications wants to expand its services to other cities, what a disgrace to the name of “Tatas”, self claimed to be trust worthy brand.

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