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Net Neutrality India – DoT Recommendations Balanced

Net NeutralityThe Department of Telecom’s (DOT) Net Neutrality panel recommendations has taken a balanced view, in our opinion. Key recommendations of the panel are as under,

  • Tariff plans offered by telcos / internet service providers must conform to net neutrality
  • OTTs (Over the top) providing SMS/international VOIP services do not need to get a license but license is needed for domestic VOIP services
  • Legitimate traffic management is allowed but should not prejudice against app / website specific content
  • Tariff plans including Zero rating plans need to be looked into by the regulator on a case to case basis
  • The panel is not in favor of “Internet.org” as it believes that content and application providers should not be permitted to act as gatekeepers.

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Impact of 3G /4G Data Usage on Voice / SMS Revenues

One of the big questions being asked today is what is the impact of 3G / 4G data substituting traditional communication technologies – Voice and SMS on operators’ bottomlines. The data growth story is widely regarded as positive for operators where the growth of data can help support higher profitability, but we do not have enough data to quantify this statement.

While data substitution occurs over a period of time, for the purposes of our analysis we take an extreme scenario, and assume a scenario where all voice and all SMS are substituted by data (VOIP and IM). It is important to note that the impact of data substitution will vary by market and how price plans are structured as well as the different starting points and mixes of Continue reading Impact of 3G /4G Data Usage on Voice / SMS Revenues