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Corruption & Congress’ 2G Spectrum Scam Cited as Reason for NTT DoCoMO’s Exit from India

Tata DoCoMo Exit Reason in IndiaAsia’s Leading Innovative Telecom Service provider, NTT DOCOMO has announced its plans of exercising the option of selling its entire 26.5% stake in Tata Teleservices. The price is going to be higher of 50% of the acquisition price, which amounts to INR72.5bn, or fair market price.

DOCOMO’s potential exit again highlights the widely held view of ‘implicit consolidation’ in the market, whereby smaller operators aren’t able to compete, and are still Continue reading Corruption & Congress’ 2G Spectrum Scam Cited as Reason for NTT DoCoMO’s Exit from India

A-Vo-Id Cartel Onslaught on Tata DoCoMo GSM Spectrum Cancellation – Just to Create Panic ?

A-Vo-ID-Telecom Cartel-IndiaThe A-Vo-Id Cartel comprising of Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular intensified its war on cancellation of GSM Spectrum awarded to Tata DoCoMo / Tele Services during the 2G Spectrum Scam under then Telecommunications Minister A. Raja and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. The fresh onslaught begins today as the A-Vo-Id cartel is Armed with legal ammunition from Sr. Advocate F.S Nariman who has given his opinion as under,

It is clear that the spectrum allocated to Tata Teleservices was quashed by the Supreme Court. In the view thereof, it is permissible for the querist (COAI) to take all steps that are consequential to cancellation of spectrum.

The A-Vo-Id Cartel is writing to DoT to cancel the GSM Specturm awarded to Tata DoCoMo during the Spectrum Scam. If the corrupt DoT restores to more corruption and doesn’t cancel the spectrum, A-Vo-Id operators have decided to block all calls to Tata DoCoMo GSM network.

Idea Cellular had earlier approached the Supreme Court for a directive to DoT to include the GSM Spectrum of Tata DoCoMo in the forthcoming Spectrum Auction. However, the Supreme Court had dismissed the petition on Feb-15-2013 stating

No further order is required to be passed in this petition and the same is disposed of as such

A-Vo-Id Cartel is backing its claim on one of the Press Releases issued by the DoT on Jan-10-2008 for which their legal expert has stated as under,

The Supreme Court has cancelled all spectrum allocations pursuant to the two press releases dated January 10, 2008, and no exception has been made with respect to Tata Teleservices

In my opinion, the Honorable Supreme Court should have then specifically added the list of all operators whose spectrum allotment should be cancelled to its judegement. With Nira Radia tapes in the Public Domain it is beyond doubt that Tata DoCoMo engaged in corruption & lobbying with A. Raja for obtaining telecom spectrum.

Even if the A-Vo-Id Cartel loses the case, it is likely to create panic amongst Tata DoCoMo subscribers. Will Cyrus Mistry the new Tata Group Chairman sail through this high tide as the Tata family’s trusted Sr. Advocate’s opinion is against the Tata Group.

Will MTS Sistema Shyam Teleservices sail through the SC verdict on 2G Scam ?

MTS Sistema has filed a review petition with the SC in the 2G Spectrum Scam case praying that the ruling should not apply to it on the following grounds,

SC’s cancellation of 2G licenses issued on or after January 10, 2008 was based on the premise that FCFS method of allocation was flawed. MTS’ contention is that it happened to be awarded licenses in January 2008 and it needs to be noted that MTS Sistema was the lone applicant for a CDMA licence and FCFS was not involved at any stage of application, licence allocation or spectrum allocation

SC’s contention that the 2G licence allocation resulted in loss to the exchequer stems from the fact that the licensees sold Continue reading Will MTS Sistema Shyam Teleservices sail through the SC verdict on 2G Scam ?

TRAI Releases Consultation Paper on Auction of 2G Spectrum

TRAI has released consultation paper [PDF] on the auction of the scam tainted spectrum earlier allotted to 122 licensees. There is a wide range of views given the number of stakeholders involved and hence no conclusive recommendations at this stage. Key issues discussed in the Consultation Paper are as follows,

Reserve Price of Spectrum The price of Rs 1650 Cr for 6.2MHz recommended by few companies involved in the 2G scam has been overruled by TRAI and is ir-relevant. TRAI has also once again highlighted other price point comparisons (these were announced in its past recommendations in May 2010 and Feb 2011) and the range begins at Rs.818cr ($165mn) per Mhz up to Rs.4,571cr ($900mn) per Mhz which was recommended as the price for spectrum held above 6.2Mhz. Other price points for Continue reading TRAI Releases Consultation Paper on Auction of 2G Spectrum

2G Spectrum Case – Suggestions to the TRAI Paper on 2G Spectrum Auction

Today is the Last Day for submitting your voices on the proposed auction of 2G Spectrum as the outcome of Supreme Court judgment earlier this month. Here is mine.

Dear Members of the TRAI / Committee on 2G Spectrum Auction:

I am writing to you in response to your consultation paper on “Allocation of Spectrum in 2G band in 22 Service Areas by auction”. The Honorable Supreme Court of India in its judgment of the 2G Scam has clearly stated that,

State is the legal owner of the natural resources as a trustee of the people and although it is empowered to distribute the same, the process of distribution must be guided by the constitutional principles including the doctrine of equality and larger public good.

So in the spirit of the judgment of the Honorable Supreme Court of India, I congratulate the members of TRAI in taking the right decision of auctioning the said Spectrum.

Now the broader question posing the members of the TRAI is, who all can participate in the Auction of this Spectrum? We have a number of Choices, Continue reading 2G Spectrum Case – Suggestions to the TRAI Paper on 2G Spectrum Auction