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Facebook Revamps RHS Ads to Accelerate Revenues

enhanced facebook advertisesFacebook had earlier announced that the small size ads on the right hand side (RHS)will be replaced with fewer but larger ads, and Facebook plans to roll out the new ad format this week (in time for 3Q). Data from early tests suggest a significantly higher click-through-rate from users shown with the new design vs. the old (which makes sense as ads are higher quality and less cluttered), suggesting that the new ad format provides a more engaging user experience as well as potentially higher value to advertisers. It has been our view that Facebook’s early RHS ad format was low quality, and Facebook’s continued improvements to ad formats, targeting, and user experiences is consistent with our thesis that Facebook still has significant room to increase monetization. Continue reading Facebook Revamps RHS Ads to Accelerate Revenues

Asia Mobile Data Growth to be 67% in next 5 Years

Mobile Data GrowthAccording to Network Gear Manufacturer Cisco, global mobile data traffic may continue to grow at a CAGR of 61% over the next 5 years (67% for Asia Pacific region). This is despite considering that an increasing number of operators are moving away from unlimited data plans to tiered data packages.

Demand for Mobile Data will come from Rising adoption of internet-capable devices – The majority of subscribers in emerging markets still remain on feature phones with very low data usage. According to Cisco’s estimates, a non-smartphone user Continue reading Asia Mobile Data Growth to be 67% in next 5 Years

Captain Dash: All Your Social Data Analytics at Finger Tips (App)

Captain Dash Social Data Analytics AppCaptain Dash, a French based Start-up that offers Data Analytics solutions to Marketers, has just released their tablet app on iOS. The app is completely free, and is simple and easy to use. Basically, if your company is on either Facebook, Twitter, or Google Analytics, managing all that data can be stressful. With Captain Dash, the app is able to aggregate all your real-time social media data and turns it into interactive dashboards, which are custom to the user’s preference. By pressing the plus button on the bottom left of the screen, you’ll be given the option to add Facebook pages, Twitter, Google Analytics, Foursquare and Microsoft Atlas accounts. Continue reading Captain Dash: All Your Social Data Analytics at Finger Tips (App)