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Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) & KNOX enhancing Android Security for Enterprises

Samsung SAFE Knox for EnterpriseMobile Handset Leader in the consumer segment, Samsung has turned its attention to the enterprise market with the release of a new security system, KNOX. Samsung ‘s strategy is to integrate this system into its SAFE (Samsung for Enterprise) brand. Samsung has been aggressively promoting its Samsung Approved for Enterprise (SAFE) extensions to Android to bolster its reach into an enterprise market that has been wary of security breaches and the rampant malware on Android devices. KNOX allows IT admins to create separate environments for employees’ personal and work data by applying the application layer that will help to help to counter the risk of data leakage, viruses and malware attacks.

What are the Capabilities of Samsung KNOX ?
KNOX implements separate VPNs to individual applications rather than relying on one VPN for the entire device; and a security-enhanced version of Android that will help IT departments enforce more than 300 IT policies and have access to more than 700 mobile device management APIs. KNOX has attempted to deliver a simple implementation for the user to switch between personal and KNOX environments that are completely separate, with different storage, apps and credentials.

With KNOX, Samsung is trying to have enterprises consider its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices as real business solutions. Samsung’s decision to focus on Continue reading Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) & KNOX enhancing Android Security for Enterprises