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CDMA ARPU Converged with GSM – TRAI Data

GSM Vs CDMA ARPU in IndiaIndian GSM Mobile Operators premium had touched 110% in Mar-09, highlighting sub quality differential. This probably made running a dual-technology network compulsion for Reliance Communications / Tata DoCoMO. ARPU differential has steadily narrowed since (GSM was 7% higher v/s CDMA in Dec-13). This was largely due to CDMA Subscriber clean-up and contribution by higher mobile data % (33% of rev; 12% for GSM) & higher competition in GSM have been the key. In this backdrop, we believe Reliance Communications’ / Tata DoCoMo’s CDMA networks are unlikely to become redundant, contrary to broader view. Continue reading CDMA ARPU Converged with GSM – TRAI Data

3G Spectrum usage Strategy by Indian Mobile Operators

The much awaited 3G Spectrum auction is finally happening, almost smoothly except that potentially corrupt Telecom minister A.Raja is charged by the Office of Controller and Auditor General for causing a loss of over USD 5 bn to the Government. Anyway, after a careful study here is what Indian Wireless Operators may do with the 3G spectrum if they win in the auction, Continue reading 3G Spectrum usage Strategy by Indian Mobile Operators

Changing Role – Broadband Bear to Broadband Bull – 12 mn subscribers by 2010

If you have been regularly reading my posts on Internet and Broadband here, then I am sure you’d sense my bearish attitude towards Internet / Broadband growth [Hey!, don’t blame me, it was the Netas, Babus and CEOs who were unwilling to open their eyes towards broadband service] However, after MTS deployed their 1X Advanced technology network, i got into the research mode and having gone through several reports, exchange of emails, etc I am stepping into the shoes of Broadband Bull 🙂 [This has got nothing to do with CII – IMRB report, I will write about it, in the next post] India has ~ 7 mn broadband subscribers and will fall short of the 20 mn target by 2010. Continue reading Changing Role – Broadband Bear to Broadband Bull – 12 mn subscribers by 2010

Reliance launches EVDO based Broadband – Will it make a Difference ?

Following the footsteps of BSNL and Tata Indicom Photon, Reliance Communications has launched its Broadband services on EVDO Technology branded as NetConnect. [Coverage on NetConnect Plans and Coverage Map here]

Wireless Broadband using EVDO – What does this mean ? RCom already offers broadband services via Optical Fiber Cable and WiMax. OFC customers seem to be happy, however various reviews and comments on our own blog indicate Reliance WiMax customers are a frustrated lot. Does the launch of NetConnect broadband over EVDO mean a soft acknowledgment of WiMax 1.0’s failure in India by both RCom and Tata Indicom ?

Reliance EVDO – 3G Controversy Explained: Strictly going by licensing terms, Reliance and Tata can’t provide this Wireless Broadband service. However, they are using the underlying CDMA spectrum of their 2.xG network and hence their argument. GSM lobby led by Bharti Airtel has already raised concern about this issue, but IMHO, it will be overlooked by the DoT, unless the High Court of Delhi and TDSAT come into picture [Ya you know what I mean ]

Why EVDO Now, Why not earlier ? I don’t seem to understand why didn’t Reliance and Tata get aggressive on EVDO earlier if they were confident of making their case that it is a VAS to its 2.xG CDMA services ? Ok, forgt Tata’s, they never lead, but have chosen a right leader to follow, Reliance. RCom could have started this service earlier because their was and is tremendous demand for good broadband service. Did they first test the Wireless Broadband Signal strength with WiMax and when things weren’t working as expected, took this bold step ?

Reliance Broadband NetConnect Speed: Their broadband division has sent a document which clearly contradicts all their previously  stated claims on the wireless internet speed,they say,

NetConnect Broadband / EVDO is 10-15 times faster 10-15 times faster than any data card or USB modem available in the market. The connectivity speed you will get is 400Kbps to 500 Kbps.

The above statement clearly confirms that Reliance 1.x DataCard speed was /is mere 30 Kbps and not 128 – 144 Kbps as claimed [assuming 450 Kbps is what NetConnect EVDO will deliver now and is 15 times faster than 1.x USB Datacard offering] Reliance claims to have 60% market share in USB Data Card Internet Services. What about the 2 Mbps to 3.1Mbps NetConnect speed claimed ? It is practically not feasible, atleast in India and is good in theory and test labs 🙂 [Correct me if I am wrong by posting a comment, I’ll be happy to eat my post]

Tata Indicom Photon + RCom NetConnect the Roadmap: Tata maybe a great brand but I have the wost experience since they have never replied to my questions. RCom does reply but never acknowledges its shortcomings but silently tries to improve on its own. RCom has  placed an order for 1 mn EVDO modems and assuming they they might plug them in a years time with an ARPU of Rs 1,000, the company is likely to make a bottomline of Rs 200 crore over the next 12 months [Subscriber addition in chunks of ~100K / Month over 12 months with a profit of Rs 4 crore / month = Rs 192 crore  (by Arithmetic Progression) in first 12 months]

Finally, will 3G based broadband help India ? If not, the TRAI must send a strong signal to DoT to open BSNL Wireline Copper Network, atleast by franchisee route so that most of India will be connected. I feel it will be a fantastic move to preserve existing Landline customers and make them subscribe to DSL broadband / IPTV.