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Amazon’s Online Content Delivery – Centered Around Customer & Computing

Amazon Kindle Content DeliveryAmazon moving to content delivery and changing the erstwhile business model of the industry signifies the flexibility and scalability of the cloud which enables cloud companies. Amazon has entered the original online content sub-sector with 14 TV pilot shows out of which six fall within the genre of kids shows with the rest being grown up comedies. Amazon is allowing the viewers to be their programming executives and create the content based on their tastes and preferences, making the service’s selection process transparent and interactive. Amazon asks straightforward questions whether a viewer has liked the show and would be willing to watch again or whether they would recommend the show. Viewers can also rate the script, concept of the show and acting quality.

Combining Analytics with Content Delivery Amazon plans to data mine the feedback with data Amazon will amass about how many people watched the show and how many watched the whole episode. It also plans to analyze social-media metrics (likes, sharing) and take inputs from offline focus groups to decide shows which can turn into a 13-episode season. Continue reading Amazon’s Online Content Delivery – Centered Around Customer & Computing