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TRAI on National Telecom Policy – Supports VoIP + Sharing Active + Passive Infra + MVNO

TRAI published its comments on the draft NTP 2012 announced by the Telecom minister on February 15, 2012. Most of their views like doing away with the concept of roaming charges and inter-connection charges are consistent with that indicated before.

The key comments by the TRAI are as follows,

  • Move eventually towards achieving One Nation –One License by providing for full Mobile Number Portability and removal of roaming charges, decision on both of which will be taken by TRAI
  • TRAI to consider minimising inter operator costs in fixing tariff so as to facilitate affordability of tariff to the consumers
  • TRAI to periodically fix the minimum download speeds of broadband connections
  • To enable and enforce the VoIP facility including mandating interconnection between ISP and access providers, so as to enhance affordability to the consumers

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New vs Old National Telecom Policy 2011-12 Comparison – Govt Wrong on Spectrum Sharing

India’s Minister for Communications & IT has announced incremental roadmap for the National Telecom Policy 2011-12. Here is a Side by Side comparison of what existed and what is proposed in the new policy.

India National Telecom Policy 2011 – Government’s Views

The first National Telecom Policy was written in 1994 and subsequently changed as the New Telecom Policy in 1999 and amended in 2004. With the 2G Wireless Spectrum Scam at the helm of affairs in Parliament, Supreme Court, CBI, the Government will unveil India’s National Telecom Policy 2011 shortly. April 2011 is the deadline the Minister has set for himself.  We already know that at the roundtable with Telecom operators, every operator was busy protecting his interest and  thus the opinions were divided to extremes when it came to Spectrum, Licensing and yearly recurring fees on the same.

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