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Facebook, Amazon, Travel Companies Reports Record Growth in Mobile Users

Facebook on Mobile Grows FasterAccording to comScore Data, Facebook mobile minutes were up 129% y/y, offset by a 17% decline in PC minutes. Including all platforms, Facebook’s total US minutes were up 37% y/y compared to up 34% in March. Total Internet time share was up m/m to 14.5%, vs. 14.0% in March. Active mobile users at Instagram grew a robust 19% m/m to 34mn. However, Facebook is faced with the challenge of low level of innovations from engineering team, FB Home disappointment, user engagement and monetization.

Amazon’s report was the second best as its mobile users were up 75% y/y, and total mobile time spent was a surprising 62% of total time spent (total mobile and PC minutes were up 39% y/y).

Google mobile user growth was up 17% y/y, while PC users were up 1% y/y in April (stable PC search growth). Google mobile time spent was up 63% y/y compared to up 55% in March, offset by lower growth in PC minutes. Google’s total US time spent growth improved m/m to 24%.

Groupon had a whopping 89% of total time spent on mobile devices in April, and total mobile and PC minutes were up 139% y/y.

In the Travel Space, TripAdvisor total time spent growth accelerated to 124% y/y in April, driven by 330% y/y growth in mobile minutes and 51% growth in PC minutes. Priceline’s total minutes accelerated to 68% y/y, driven by 345% mobile minute growth. Expedia mobile user growth accelerated m/m to 132%. Mobile minutes contributed to 50% of TripAdvisor’s total time spent, vs 39% for Expedia and 30% for Priceline.

iPad and Tablet users Data were counted in Mobile Devices. On the Top Portals, US mobile Internet audience is at 119mn visitors Vs 223mn for PC users in April-2013. When do you expect Mobile to takeover PC and eventually will Mobiles & Tabs decimate the PC ?