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Big Rush Towards – Cloud & Connectivity

Cloud and Connectivity - Next ParadigmThe proliferation with increased functionality of cheaper consumer devices we are seeing a mix shift across all consumer electronics. Consumers no longer need to buy a high end PC to use sophisticated applications software (spreadsheets, database queries, tax preparation, etc), or buy a high end tablet to view premium content (HD video, gaming, etc). We believe this will pressure pricing for all consumer computing systems, and slow growth for high end devices. Continue reading Big Rush Towards – Cloud & Connectivity

Apple Expanding Cloud Subscriptions – Building 3rd Data Center

Data CenterAccording to Apple Insider, Apple is building out data centres in new locations [Reno, Nevada] at an accelerating pace while building out existing ones to support cloud-computing services such as iCloud and iTunes. Data centres have also become focal points for environmental impact in terms of energy consumption and carbon footprint. Technologies that drive energy-efficiency encompass not only traditional IT hardware infrastructure but also technologies from
semiconductors to cooling systems.

The logic behind the Apple’s 3rd Data Centre is data centre growth will accelerate alongside the rampant increase of the generation and consumption of data (especially unstructured data) which is accompanying smartphone and tablet penetration. These consumption devices, in combination with the advent Continue reading Apple Expanding Cloud Subscriptions – Building 3rd Data Center