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Indian FMCG Brands Leverage Highly on Google Search

The business model due to digital media is not changing but is expanding its reach. The US$35b FMCG market would also be influenced by the digital media. There are 350mn internet users today and these are likely to increase to 650mn users by 2020. Of these, 250mn users are likely to be from rural India. Women would account for 200mn users by 2020. The medium of advertisement is slowly shifting from Television to the Internet.

According to Ramesh Bhaskar, Industry Head – FMCG, Google, Continue reading Indian FMCG Brands Leverage Highly on Google Search

Facebook Videos Reach 1 Billion Daily Views, 65% Share on Mobile

Facebook Videos 1 Billion Views Per DayFacebook stated that video views grew >50% between May and July of this year and now exceed one billion views per day , with 65% viewed on mobile (YouTube is likely near 7bn/day and growing ~20% y/y). This follows comments by the company in late June that video views had doubled in the past six months and that it had updated its algorithm to deliver more video to people who have demonstrated interest in viewing such content (the algorithm takes into account how often a user views recommended videos and for how long a user viewed a video – i.e., completion rate). Continue reading Facebook Videos Reach 1 Billion Daily Views, 65% Share on Mobile

Google Play – Billion Dollar Mobile Apps Business Built for Developers / Telcos

Google Play BusinessIn less than five years the market for mobile apps has exploded. The longest standing app store, Apple’s App Store, has over 1mn apps available for download, hundreds of thousands of app developers, over 60mn apps downloaded since inception. Growth is being driven primarily by continued penetration of smartphones globally (+19%), but also by increasing spend per user. Given this growth outlook and the increasing use of apps by consumers and the growing importance being placed on mobile app strategies by brands and enterprises.

Google believer of Information at finger tips is highly secretive on information about its Google Play business. Leveraging Apple’s disclosures about its App Store payouts, data from third-party mobile app analytics companies, and installed device estimates from Gartner to estimate Continue reading Google Play – Billion Dollar Mobile Apps Business Built for Developers / Telcos

Youku Tudou Online Video Mobile Monetization Yet to TakeOff – Strategy in Place

YouKu Tudou Mobile Monetization Wait Gets LongerYoku Tudou, Online Video Sharing Giant from China has initiated mobile ad experiments with leading brand customers from auto and cosmetics, with mobile ad rev contributing still low single-digit of total rev in 2Q. Mobile monetization for the company is still in very early stage and another 9~12mth delay is expected.

YouKu Mobile Videos User Behavior and Analytics
Youku Tudou has seen encouraging growth of mobile traffic in the past six months. Daily VV (video viewed) by June-end reached 200m, more than double the figure at the start of 2013, implying a sizable potential ad inventory. The company is leading the industry in terms of mobile traffic growth. Continue reading Youku Tudou Online Video Mobile Monetization Yet to TakeOff – Strategy in Place

How Chrome has helped Google’s Core Search Business Reduce Traffic Acquisition Cost ?

Google Chrome Helps in Traffic AcquisitionAccording to StatsCounter, Google’s Chrome is the top Web browser on desktops with 40% market share surpassing Microsoft’s old and lethargic Internet Explorer. Google realized early in the game that a large percentage of worldwide searches come from the toolbar and browser and hence Chrome became Central to Google’s Strategy.

Chrome is extremely important to Google, as Chrome provides Google with valuable data on Web user activity. While users can opt to not be tracked individually, data on Web browsing activity can be aggregated to help optimize search query results, and also could be used to help target Google’s display advertising. Also, Google indicated that it has built in features within Chrome that have helped identify poor quality Web sites. Continue reading How Chrome has helped Google’s Core Search Business Reduce Traffic Acquisition Cost ?

900Mn Android Users – Google’s Enhanced Advertising Platforms for PC & Mobile

Google Android StrategyGoogle’s Android smart phone ecosystem growth has exceeded even our highest expectations (70% global smart phone share today vs. 20% in 2010). Android Smartphone shipments grew from 240mn in 2011 to 465mn in 2012, and 900mn by May 2013 [As announced in Google I/O]. The Android tablet ecosystem has been catching up with close to 50% Android market share by end of 2013 [IDC Estimates]

Android’s growth should help Google achieve three important strategic objectives – driving mobile usage growth, capturing developer mind share and encouraging Google product distribution, and containing the Google mobile TAC rate. Google also will see a reduced dependency on Apple’s products for distribution of Google’s search toolbars and apps.

Android O/S traction has clearly attracted mind share with developers, with apps available in the Google app store up 100% y/y to 800K, which has caught up to Apple at roughly 800K. One important thing to notice is the total app downloads on Google Play store(Android) still trailed that of Apple at 25B vs. 40B

Google said that six Google Apps were included in Apple’s App Store as best free apps of 2012, including YouTube, Chrome, Google Search, and Gmail. Google has also leveraged the Android ecosystem to help get OEMs to embed Google products in Android phones.

Monetization On PC Vs Tablets Vs SmartPhones by Google
Advertisers will no longer be able to distinguish between desktop and tablet CPCs, which will be grouped together by default. Google suggested that, “as devices converge, consumer behaviors on tablets and desktops are becoming very similar“.

After the advertiser sets their base bid for desktop / tablets, the advertiser can then set bid adjustments to increase or decrease their bids for mobile phones and different contexts, such as location and time of day. For example, when someone searches for “party supplies” on a smart phone within a mile radius from the store on Wednesday, then the location, time, and mobile bid adjustments set will apply, raising the bid by 50%.

Google is making mobile advertising a more automatic component in the campaign set-up, which should help drive more adoption, and making the process more streamlined. With Enhanced Campaigns, advertisers have a simplified platform (do not need to bid by O/S or carrier) and will be able to run ad campaigns that take better advantage of out of home device usage. For example, a flower shop that has a physical store and a website can use enhanced campaigns to better customize its advertising. When the store is open, the flower shop can have ads that show links to a store locator as well as the business phone number for smart phone users. When the shop closes at 5pm, the advertiser can set the ads to only show links to the website where customers can place their orders.

In the next article we’ll see how Google is aggressively Monetizing the Maps, one of the free products that it gave away for over 5 years.