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Google Glassware, GDK at Google I/O 2013

Google Glassware GDKOn day two of Google I/O 2013 Google conducted Glass track of sessions which proved to be the most popular at the conference with all sessions filled to capacity and in need of overflow rooms. Glass remains in developer preview with more than 2000 developers in Google’s Glass Explorer Project having received the device about a month ago.

How Google Glass Works ?
The Glass display shows what Google refers to as the Timeline, which is a series of pages called cards. Cards may be text, images, video or instruction menus. Glass users can scroll through these cards using the multi-touch panel on the ear lug. User can activate Glass’ basic functionality of web search and photo and video capture through voice commands. Glass also integrates with Google+ so users can share their photos and videos. Sharing is a core functionality of the Glass software available to all apps for the device. Continue reading Google Glassware, GDK at Google I/O 2013