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Peer SMS + Blogs – Web 2.0 Media Knocks ICICI Reputation – Drags Stock Down

Indian companies – ISPs, Banks, Consumer Products, etc known for their arrogance towards consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to accept the new age media [Internet and Mobile], mostly because these companies don’t have the courtesy to acknowledge customers problems and willing to learn from them.

Few days ago, one of the victims of this new media campaign was ICICI Bank. I don’t have to tell you how good ICICI’s customer care is and encashing on this poor state of affairs in the company, some broker/s brokers probably made a quick buck by circulating SMS messages which landed on SMS sharing website SMSGupShup for wider circulation. MarketBhavishya a financial blog acted as catalyst according to FIR and the result was ICICI Bank shares tanked more than 25% in intra-day trading.

Not too long ago, I had written about another company Gremach Infrastructure suing Toxic Writer an anonymous blogger who tried to expose something related to Gremach’s activities in Africa, but his blog was shut down by a Court Order.

What has happend in India is most consumers had to adjust to the “Chalta Hey” attitude in the past, because of limited resources to fight against the Monsters. However, with Mobile and Internet in the hands of frustrated consumer, Companies and Big Brands reputation can be wiped out in matter of few hours to days 🙂

Personally, I am a strong advocate of Free Speech and would love to see more and more consumers venting their frustration out on the Web against Big Companies / Brands as this is the only way to teach a lesson since we all know how efficient Governments in India are 🙂

Toxic Writer Blog Vs Gremach – Where is Freedom of Speech ?

[I normally don’t write about Freedom of Speech, but however I feel this topic is worth writing as we move forward how Indian citizens may lose their Right to Freedom of Speech on the only affordable and mass media – “Internet”]

The Indian media is flush with reports about court orders obtained by Gremach Infrastructure nailing down an anonymous blogger [blogging on Google’s Blogspot] Toxic Writer for messages against the companies mining activities in Mozambique. Google has budged to the order already [well it has to do business in India and has to obey to the court orders] and removed the blog http://toxicwriter.blogspot.com [I believe this is where Toxic Writer blogged] I have two interesting screen shots [Skeletal remains in Google’s own cache]

The following image describes an Investor trapped into the falling stock price of Gremach Infra. [Stock price has fallen by over 81% in 6 months, solid case for destruction of Investor Wealth]

From my research I have the following observations to make,
1. This blog doesn’t have any incoming links [None of the engines show this] Could that be GYM have purged cache and all links referring to it?
2. Doesn’t have any references anywhere [Not even in other engines (Ask, Archive, Exalead, Blogsearch, Digg, etc) no where, hard to believe] This tells me that the blog was not the popular but why would Gremach run after this individual ? Did he publish something extremely sensitive information like in the movie “The Deal”. There is no Oil, but it’ll be there [from where ? Confederation of Arab States]

Articles in the press paint the picture of corporate rivalry [I am not sure]. However, if it is case of investigative journalism, the Government and the Media should actively try to investigate the facts and do justice. Case of hate message cannot be ruled out either since the author prefers to remain anonymous.

Message For Toxic Writer:

If you have all the facts straight, why don’t you host the content of your blog or your own domain ?


Here is another solid case of FreeSpeech. The Polyester Prince, biography of Dhirubhai Ambani which was banned [gotten banned ?] is widely available on the Internet [PDF]. Will be interesting to see if his sons will start chasing those individuals to get these copies removed.