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160by2 Launches Ad Free Mobile App + Ad Free Paid Web Interface to send SMS

160by2.Com one of the first FREE SMS service providers has launched “Ad Free Mobile SMS Application“. Yes, you read that right. With your smart phone, just point to http://m.160by2.com/app and you are all set to download and start messaging your friends for FREE and the number of characters in the message stands enhanced to 145, Goodbye to 80 🙂 Check out supported handsets here.

Web users [messaging from 160by2.com] have also been given the option to send Ad Free messages with character count up to 148 characters. However, this service will cost you $1.329 / Month or $2.87 / 3 Months or $5.45 / 6 months. The limit on the daily volumes remains 50 SMS a day at a maximum of 10 per recipient. The 6 months deal will cost you 3 paise / SMS. The service covers 7 countries – India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia & Philippines

One good thing about 160by2 SMS service is the messages reach the end user within a minute or earlier. Unlike Google’s SMS Channels which can be used for group messaging but the messages take really long time to reach. What other SMS services are you using ?