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Indian eCommerce – When will Companies Profit ?

Flipkart ProfitabilityMost eCommerce companies in India have been burning cash on traffic/customer acquisition, investments in technology and people and investments in warehousing / fulfillment capabilities. Hence, the bottom line was to maximize GMV / revenue and traffic, and the availability of VC/PE funding helped some companies achieve it quickly. However, of late, some companies have started talking about their profitability plans, and according to a number of recent articles in the media, most of them plan to be profitable by 2017-18.

While there has been no slowdown in Continue reading Indian eCommerce – When will Companies Profit ?

India Internet eCommerce Forum by VC Circle – Key Takeaways

eCommerce India ForumVC Circle hosted India Internet eCommerce Forum in Mumbai and here are the key takeaways from the meet.

Horizontal vs Vertical Online Retailing in India Vertical specific platforms will have enough time (2-4 years) before it will start facing competition from the Horizontals. While eventually consolidation will set in, the platform which is differentiated and has built a brand will continue to stay. Within verticals however some
consolidation has already been happening (for example within babycare, food ordering, media reports around consolidation in taxi booking). Within real estate, there are two models emerging (classifieds / listings and transaction based) however there has been limited consolidation so far. Continue reading India Internet eCommerce Forum by VC Circle – Key Takeaways