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Autos – Telcos will Battle for Supremacy in Telematics

Auto Industry Telematics BattleUber-Didi isn’t the only Car Deal of China that needs to be noted as we move into convergence of devices and services. In a cross border deal across the Atlantic, Verizon acquired Fleetmatics which is a step toward its three-pronged connectivity + platforms + solutions strategy. The US$2.4bn acquisition of Fleetmatics will give Verizon meaningful scale in telematics. Although the acquired assets won’t be an overnight success, Verizon is aggressively putting the building blocks in place to create its own tech ecosystem.

The Telogis and Fleetmatics deals will help boost Verizon’s scale in Telematics, where it has a growing portfolio of solutions including automatic, insurance, and fleet management. Since buying Hughes Telematics in 2012, the majority of Verizon’s auto revenue (~US$500m) has come from wholesale as opposed to its retail LTE connectivity. In this case, the Telogis acquisition Continue reading Autos – Telcos will Battle for Supremacy in Telematics