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Reliance Communication iPhone 5C at Rs2,599 / Month and iPhone 5S at Rs 2,999 / Month with Unlimited Plans

RCOM iPhone Deals LaunchedReliance Communications, India’s fully-integrated telecommunications service provider just a while ago launched the Best Diwali Dhamak in the Indian Telecom space offer – Rs 2,599 per month for the iPhone 5c and Rs 2,999 per month for the iPhone 5s, both for a duration of 24 months—which include the handset cost, unlimited local and STD calls, SMS’, national roaming and 3G data. And in another first in India, ever, RCOM is offering these much-awaited iPhone models at no down payment.

Furthermore, under this unique offer, Apple iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s customers will not receive any usage bill for 24 months, as the monthly payments include all usage charges. Only international calls and international roaming charges will have to be paid for.

Benefits of Subsidized iPhone 5C and 5S
One is you get the best available SmartPhone in the market at a Monthly EMI. Additionally, RCom is also bundling the handset with Unlimited Voice Calling, SMS and 3G Data [Fallback to 2G where RCom does not have 3G License] all are subject to Fair Usage policy.

How Could RCom Cut the Deal With Apple for iPhone ?
India predominantly being a 95% pre-paid market, it is almost impossible for Operators to adopt the Subsidized Handset Bundled with Voice & Data Model of Business. Additionally, a decade old history during the launch of Reliance Infocomm Dhirubhai Ambani Pioneer Offer, the company has a bad learning experience that Indian consumers would not honor long term commitments. However, this time around, Reliance has truck a deal with HDFC Bank and ICICI bank two of the largest credit card issuers and the billing risk is passed on to these banks. Consumers need to be aware that EMI on Credit Card cannot be defaulted as you’ll have accountability in the System through CIBIL and other Credit bureaus.

Will Low Cost iPhone Help Apple Fight Samsung / Android Mobiles ?

Low Cost IphoneIn the last 6 months the Apple Stock has fallen 40% making the case stronger for Investors to push for the Lower Cost iPhone or a SmartPhone that addresses the $300 segment. Why it makes sense for Apple for a lower cost iPhone is because of the market dynamics in the smartphone industry, especially the low-to-mid range segment and thus Apple has to encash on the potential launch of such a device. We’ll also see how this could impact iPhone’s total addressable market. Going forward, expect hardware margins erode and Apple has to innovate in maintaining its dominance in the Platform and Deliver Services to keep its growth chart healthy.
Apple Stock Price

Smartphone saturation in mature markets should begin to weigh on the overall smartphone industry growth going forward. Data suggests smartphone penetration has reached 40%+ in developed markets in 2012, up from just 10% in 2007. At the same time, smartphone user penetration in emerging markets remains at just above 10% today. We see the mix Continue reading Will Low Cost iPhone Help Apple Fight Samsung / Android Mobiles ?