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How China Plans to Allocate 5G Spectrum ?

China’s Ministry of Industries and Information Technology (MIIT) plans to allocate a total of 500MHz of spectrum for 5G. Although this is only similar in total spectrum size to the current 2G/3G/4G allocation for the three Chinese telcos, which is 507MHz, the major difference is that the 5G spectrum being planned is contiguous spectrum (300MHz contiguous spectrum between 3300 and 3600MHz, and 200MHz contiguous pectrum between 4800-5000MHz), while the current allocation is split into small parcels between 800MHz and 2600MHz. The ITU suggested a minimum contiguous spectrum size of 100MHz for genuine 5G services, and it is very difficult for most countries to find such spectrum at a low frequency level (below 3GHz). That is why 5G will, in most cases, take place at a higher frequency level and Continue reading How China Plans to Allocate 5G Spectrum ?