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3D Printers Adoption Rise – Will it Catch MainStream by 2015 ?

Rise of 3D Printers3D printing may sound futuristic , the underlying technology is an evolutionary step, from common inkjet printers that spray ink toner onto paper, to spray extrusion of layers of plastic resin that add up to form a 3D object. Between inception, in 2007, and 2011, sales of 3D printers grew at an average annual rate of 346%, Sales of 3D printers increased from a mere 66 printers in 2007 to 35,508 at the end of 2012. The total addressable market for 3D printing remains somewhat controversial as the technology can also be used with other materials such as metal and, potentially, nano-technologies, creating challenging security policy constraints for the addressable market.

The majority of customers for 3D printing technology (outside of the military) have been hobbyists, DIYers, and engineering students. If we consider the target or addressable market for this technology to be “innovators” only, the inflection point for the cumulative technology adoption curve might already have been passed, Continue reading 3D Printers Adoption Rise – Will it Catch MainStream by 2015 ?