How 4G VoLTE aids for Unlimited Calling Plans ?

With the launch of Reliance Jio Infocomm’s Unlimited Calling Plan, entire Telecom industry is gearing to match Jio in offering the same. Jio took a lead over the rest of the industry by directly logging on to the superior 4G Mobile Data and VoLTE Network.
Industry interactions suggest that the top three are preparing for VoLTE launch, and the IMS core, which forms an integral part of a VoLTE network is understood to be largely ready. VoLTE is low-cost and spectrally more efficient than GSM. Hence, it would be far more suitable for offering unlimited voice calls. In a sunny day case study scenario, if Airtel were to migrate all customers to VoLTE Network, it will use up only 20% of the spectrum required for GSM voice at present. The spectrum thus saved can be redeployed for data.

Carrier Aggregation and 900 Mhz 4G
According to gear makers, a recent technical development is the deployment of carrier aggregation (CA) with 3MHz of spectrum vs. 5MHz earlier. Telcos will deploy this in 900MHz band where they will split their existing 900MHz such that 3MHz can be used for voice by implementing CA with other bands to give good quality VoLTE coverage and the rest of the 900MHz can be used for 4G. Development of 900MHz 4G ecosystem – at present not as widespread as 1800 or 850- should happen over time. VoLTE on 900 for the top three will help them match JIO’s VoLTE on 850.

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