Tata Communications’ IZO Platform Ties Infrastructure With Innovative Enterprise Solutions

Tata Communication continues to make strides in enterprise solution which would enable the company to increase its market share in the global enterprise segment. This is driven by the company’s strengths in infrastructure and its innovative and differentiated service offerings. In the last 18 months, the company launched various products and services and company claims its addressable market expanded from US$33bn to US$50bn. In Oct 14, the company launched its new platform IZO which appears to be a differentiated and credible enterprise solution.

What IZO Platform Offers ? There is fragmentation of traffic due to BYOD (bring your own devices). Tata Communications has identified two key needs of enterprises: (1) enterprises want to move from a private network to public or hybrid network; and (2) to ensure success of a public or hybrid network, enterprises want a reliable and predictable public internet. The new platform IZO provides all the pieces to build an enterprise network cloud. The core value proposition with IZO “is to provide reliable internet to enterprises and make internet fit for business. It offers access to a full ecosystem of network, cloud and data centers connectivity, making it simple for an enterprise to connect and build its cloud – be it private, hybrid or public.

The value proposition of three IZO offerings are as follows,
IZO Internet WAN – Let’s say an enterprise deals with three different service providers in 3 geographies – they can integrate service providers from multiple service providers to one.

IZO Public – tags and prioritizes content for enterprise Value proposition: (a) speed and reliability over public internet; (2) Data is tagged and prioritised. It will have a deterministic route on public internet. (3) Enterprise would be able to define, monitor and track data traffic.

IZO Private Clouds Tata Comm would provide a private network and has partnerships with major cloud service providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud. It will also create private network from an enterprise private network to cloud service provider and across all data centers.

Tata Communications with its own sub-sea cables, 44 data centers carries 10% of world’s internet traffic and 25% of world internet traffic touches its network at some point of transmission is all prepared to step into the new era of Internet of Things with its bouquet of network services, products and of course infrastructure.

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