WeChat Adds P2P Payment in Latest Version

WeChat Adds PaymentTencent recently launched a new version of Wechat , enabling several new functions including in-app search, peer-to-peer payment , QR code auto recognition, and expanded iPad compatibility.

Wechat has embedded a peer-to-peer payment function, enabling the more efficient and convenient money transfer between individuals. Users can make payments by scanning a QR code representing a specific amount set in the function page. Given Wechat’s large user base of 438 Million Active Users, expect the new payment function to stimulate more Wechat users to actively access mobile payments. This new function is especially relevant to small or individual merchants.

The new Wechat search function is powered by Sogou, and expands search capabilities from simple contact lookup to access articles, titles, public accounts content and also services across the whole Wechat platform. Accessibility to a broader range of information and services should enable among other things deeper interaction between users and merchants. It should also better support and accelerate mobil commerce usage.

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