Top Questions Indian Telecom – Reliance Jio Infocomm, 3G Data , End of CDMA

Uncertainities in Indian Telecom - Key QuestionsApart from the Corrupt Government Practices which has ruined the Telecom Industry of India by vested interest decisions, Indian Wireless Carriers have some tough situations and decisions to make now to ride future growth, we highlight some of the key questions which telecom boardrooms are battling.

Reliance Jio Infocomm’s 4G / LTE Launch We have information that apart from Delhi & Mumbai Reliance Jio 4G LTE will be launched in several other cities. Every Operator is designing a strategy to combat Reliance Jio’s entry in the market with 4G? The government has already allowed voice services on 4G spectrum. Can Reliance Jio disrupt the market meaningfully? The company has been quite aggressive in signing agreements.

As far as 3G Data is concerned, Is data growth in line with the initial expectations at the time of 3G auctions? Also, how much incremental investment operators are willing to make for 3G and how do they decide that? Is it related to the adoption trend or you roll-it out first and then try to drive adoption ? Is data profitable or it is being subsidized by voice? How do operators expect data pricing to move as adoption picks up?

For Airtel, even 3G adoption is relatively muted, it was the first one to roll-out 4G. Is the market mature enough to upgrade to 4G yet or was Airtel’s 4G Launch Stagey Wrong ?

For Idea Cellular, the company is yet to break-even in 2G Voice in new circles. When is it expected to break-even in these circles and what is the strategy for these regions as it gets hard to grow here? The company does not not have 4G spectrum, while competitors have already started rolling-out 4G services. How does Idea plan to get on 4G?

For Reliance Communications, the company continues to operate in shady deals and can anybody expect a total professional management ever ? Any update on the sale of sub-sea cable assets to the PE consortium led by Samena Capital? RCom has continuously lost market share (both subscriber and revenue); The primary reasons for that and how RCom plan to tackle that.

CDMA Business Dying in India In the last 8-10 months, CDMA active subscriber addition has been extremely weak compared to GSM additions. Also, muted interest in 800 MHz spectrum auction even at relatively lower price (about 30% discount to 1800 MHz spectrum) suggest low expectations from CDMA. How do RCom, Tata DoCoMo, MTS Sistema plan to utilize CDMA spectrum more effectively – Just Data Services as none of these operators have 4G Spectrum.

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