Tata Photon+ TV – Triple Play towards Reality + Content Vs Network

In an interview to IT Magazine in Jan-08, I had said that Triple Play in India was more of Hype as it was mostly restricted to selected few. However, Tata Photo+ TV powered by EVDO based Wireless Broadband network and Apalya / Mimobi TV is worth looking at, though it’ll take sometime for them to match the quality of Dish TV service providers. It is available in 69 cities across India with roaming facility and that’s quite a good number, in my view 🙂 Reliance, BSNL and MTS providing EVDO based wireless broadband services should start upgrading their networks as they are far behind Tata Photon+.

Now we all know that Tata Photon+ does not offer unlimited data transfer broadband plans. As a carrier, they want to be supreme and make the bigger buck while content providers have to be satisfied with mere Rs 4 / channel or even less when you subscribe for more channels. If you view this mode of TV for 2 hours a day and assuming a data transfer rate of 1.5MB / Minute, you will exhaust 5.4 Gigs. Add to this your normal usage and then you have to be in the Rs 1100 / 10 Gigs or Rs 1500 / 15 Gigs plan. This looks expensive compared to traditional TV and the quality you enjoy, but Triple Play on the go is ir-resistible 🙂 What say ?

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