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2G GSM Spectrum Allocation in India


Here is the latest 2G GSM spectrum allocation chart, circle wise and operator wise. BSNL and MTNL have the maximum 2G spectrum, at least 10 MHz in each circle. Karnataka the Billion Dollar [FY 09 Topline Expectations] Telecom circle for Bharti Airtel is the most sought after 2G Wirless circle with 69.2 Mhz of spectrum being collectively allocated to various operators. The following chart shows spectrum allocated to BSNL, MTNL, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India and Idea Cellular with Spice. [Grey areas cells indicate service not yet operational]

The following chart shows 2G GSM Wireless Spectrum allocation to New Operators. [RCom GSM, Swan, Datacom, Loop/BPL, Aircel and Unitech.

Update: Complete 2G GSM and CDMA Spectrum Allocation Circle-wise Data is Available here

  1. Harit Shah says:

    Hi, I must say, an interesting blog indeed! I myself am a telecom analyst with Angel Broking. Keep it up! Just a question, where did you get the spectrm allocation to operators table from?

  2. I compile data from various sources – TRAI, Annual Reports and my own collection of Archive. Most of the times its from TRAI with some refinements.

  3. Hi,
    Informative data. Do you have anything on the waitlist for spectrum in different circles and also spectrum availability. Would be good to know how many more players can launch service in different circles.

  4. the way u r covering telecom issues is really impressive. would like to be in touch with u. plz mail me ur no.?
    New Delhi.

  5. Can somebody please tell me where can we get the government proof (in TRAI DOT WPC etc), that which all new operator has got how much of spectrum??

  6. hi ,
    Can u please tell who are new operators coming this year in north circle in India

  7. Varun:

    Reliance GSM, Idea Cellular and Aircel will all start operations ASAP.

    End of 2009 or early 2010 you may also see – Datacom, Unitech-Telnor and Swan-Etisalat rolling out their operations as well.

  8. Hi,

    Request an update on the above chart. Request your inputs on the same.

    Warm Regards

  9. The most authentic source of spectrum information is available in WPC’s website. Heres the link:
    However, the values given by them are for sure incorrect as I work with an operator and I know it is incorrect.
    Chetan’s compilation is more accurate in that sense. Chetan, I would still like to know how you arrived at these figures and if you could provide the source data.

  10. can you say the any future network in tamilnadu.?????????????????????

  11. please send to me what is the cost of 1g and 2g allocation.???

    • There is no 1G allocation. But 2G allocation was done at various points of time at various prices. If you search through the posts on this blog you will be able to find it. Also there was no auction for 2G [aka 2.5G]

  12. Hi,

    May i have help from anyone for having frequency range for all operators in India. for example on which frequency reliance telecom or vodafone have??? waiting for having this information as it is very complecated structure in India for each state…is there any chart for frequency allocation for each operator???

  13. mrinal mani says:

    Do the figures show the total frequency allocated for uplink + downlink or just one sided link?

  14. Northern Railway is implementing GSM-r mobile Radio System from Palwal(Haryana) to New Delhi- Ambala- Amritsar- Jammutawi Route. There is heavy interference from other operators of GSM. Pl suggest the action before we proceed to WPC.

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