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Reliance Wimax in Bangalore – Up and Running


News Just InGood News for residents of Bangalore. Just a while ago a reader of this blog tipped me with a mobile number. Bingo!!! Reliance Communications, a Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group company is the first company to launch Wimax for residential consumers in Bangalore / Bengalooru. [Sify has it for Corporates. Bangalore Unwired for Selected Users]. I spoke to Reliable Enterprises, Bangalore which is providing pre-launch offer WiMax broadband connections.

Reliance WiMax Broadband Delivery Platform:

Reliance Wimax Broadband Delivery Platform

No more Trences for Cable saves a lot of headache in congested Bangalore. They will install a WiMax antenna on top of your house, just like the DTH Dish and a cable is drawn to a Modem. If you have mroe than one computer to share than you need a SOHO router to hook your PC and Laptops. The Wimax antenna talks directly to Reliance Towers.

The Cost Structure:

Pre-launch offer – Rs 500 Installation Cost. The Pre-launch offer is valid through June-15th.  For residential use, the cost for Wimax broadband is same as that of Reliance Wired Broadband. A 150 Kbps Unlimited Data Transfer connection costs Rs 750 / Month and a 300 Kbps Unlimited Data Transfer connection costs Rs 999 / Month. All other taxes are additional.

Availability of WiMax Broadband:

It is currently available within the Ring Road areas. The whole of Bangalore will be covered shortly – few weeks. The connection will be established within 2 weeks of application. To apply, Contact Reliable Enterprises at 99800-62800. Let us know of your experience.

Related Reading: Bangalore’s Diamond District is a Wi-Fi Zone.

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  1. Thats excellent news.

  2. good news.., roads are saved from digging.. so are people..,

  3. Bharath says:

    Hmmm seems to be nice one…
    I just spoke to Reliance Representative…
    An installation charge of 562 including tax has to paid..
    You will need two passport size photos, identity proof, address proof and an NOC for installing the antenna at your house roof top ,if you are planning to apply for the connection…

    Lets see how well it goes..

  4. pradeep says:

    need details on broadband/datacard/wireless/wimax

  5. Same offer is currently avilable in Pune too. I applied 2 days ago.
    Installation cost Rs. 562 , plan Rs. 999 pm for 300kbps unlimited. The representative promised that i’ll get the connection within a week.
    According to him this new scheme is selling like hot ‘pakoda’s in Pune.

  6. According to reliance people once the connections are set up it will be possible for people to move the antenne with when they shift houses. They even say that it would be possible to move to different cities (where this service is avilable)…just some activation for that perticular zone and you could be up and runing..

  7. That’s great!!!
    Good to see that India is ahead in WiMAX and Great job by Reliance.
    But can somebody tell me how is the speed of internet?

  8. Raghavendra says:

    According to me The reliance Wi-Max internet connection is superb. I applied for the connection 1 week back and I got the connection exactly after 7 days and the spped is good compared to BSNl and its working good for me.
    you can get 300KBPS all the time.

  9. any idea when it will be launched in hyderabad ?

  10. hmp kumar says:

    Hi this is kumar,am from RPC Layout,Vijayanagara 2nd stage,i want intrnet connection..could any one tell me or call me in this area u providing or not..?
    my contact no.. is 9886500711

  11. Hi Kumar,

    You can contact Mr.Sumanth/Mr.Sathish at this number 9980062800.

    And for those wanting to know speeds it is

    150kbps/300kbps and 2Mbps with 4Gb download.

    150 kbps unlimited is 750 Rs/month
    300 Kbps unlimited is 999 rs/month
    2mbps with Gb download/upload 750Rs/month and 90 paise/Mb over 4Gb

    This is as per what they gave me along with the application in brochure

  12. sorry I mean
    2mbps with 4Gb download/upload 750Rs/month and 90 paise/Mb over 4Gb

  13. I applied for a reliance connection and got it with 5 days. I am using the 2mbps/4gb download.. The speed is unbelievably fast.. I finished the 4 GB in 2 days.. :(

    Lets see if they come up with a unlimited download with the same speed.. wont mind paying more for something like this

  14. The speed needs to be checked when the connection is to max., I experienced more than 1mbps speed when BSNL lanched the 2mbps speed upto now the speed sucks, could hardly get more than 256mbps.

  15. maruthi says:

    thanks to all. i am going to take 150kbps unlimited download connection. if already any body using this plz tell me abt the sppd .
    thanks in advance.

  16. Hi guys, Guess what.. If your company offers a reimbursement or has atleast 15+ employees who are ready to take Wimax Broadband, then they are ready to customise it. They have done this for CISCO where i work and am told by my friends in WiPRO and Infosys that they too have been given and availed this offer.

  17. A.Tharunkaanth says:

    Hai folks,
    we are the first deler imn IT sector to take up reliance wi max delaership.If you want to have a connection and other services offered by relaince( if you are really serious) please call me in 9886349624

  18. Hi all

    Looking for broadband connection?, but not able to get it done because of non feasability by internet service providers in your area. Dont worry your search ends here Reliance launcehes Wimax Wireless Broadband in Bangalore, we are the first dealers in Bangalore NOW YOU CAN GET WIRELESS BROADBAND ANY WHERE BANGALORE for further details contact me on 9986018604

  19. Its superb news, i just applied for wi max in pune, as i was using BSNL unlimited plan.. due to rain it has some problem.. as usual “SARKARI” says it may take 1 month or more than it to be ok. i want the connection in exterme emergency, and reliance assured me, and i like the way they came home in just 15 mins for inital formalities with filling the form.. and will get the connection in 2 days !!! lets see if i will get in 2 days, i took 999 PM/300KBPS/Unlimited plan…. lets hope the best guys…

  20. can any one tell that when the Reliance Wimax will come to Patna Bihar..

  21. Guys,

    I was desparately looking for some connection solution for myself for sometime now and then my occasional google gave me this link .. I just followed and contacted the Reliable people.

    I would tell you that after a very long time I found some one from service industry courteous, clear in communication. I told reliable representatives that I am eagerly waiting for connection then they told me very clearly in the beginning itself that it would be little complicated for me due to my residence location ( I stay near to Kanakpura Road).

    Well after couple of postponement ..(which they duely informed!!) finally 2 technician came and tried for connectivity. Believe me when they were trying.. I was very edgy but at the same time was not carrying any hopes as in past .. all ISP worth their salt, have come and gone without providing a solution.. after 1.5 hrs… they said are getting good signals but its coming from very far so ..don’t know how it would behave..

    After they were done with final fitting.. person checked on his laptop..he could access reliance site.. he showed me.. then carried a bandwidth test ( I am not able to recall the site but i think it was authentic !) .. and what I saw was something unbelievable .. speed was 196 Mbps yes.. you are reading correct.. not Kbps ( though I had opted for 150 one can say that whats big deal.. my dear value that you need to see my daily frustration what I get while accessing the net via Reliance R-Data Card)..

    The Tech said.. Sir but when I take this cable to downstairs and would plug to Desktop or Laptop, there would be a dip in bandwidth .. and that happened.. I was getting 155Mbps at my laptop..

    Now the fairy-tell gets over..

    After they departed.. I tried to setup my another laptop with same setting .. 4days over .. i am still struggling.. No response from service people.. they are not good !!

    Also note that it does not work either on my other laptop where they had setup.. I can not get the IP address from the ISP.. It keeps telling me .. DHCP server could not be contacted.. failed to get IP address.

    I guess it could be due to the distance problem ( the nearest tower is about 5 km arial distance ) , could be due to bad weather, due to their back-end ( not having sufficient IP address or not able to release it ) BUT ONE THIG IS SURE .. tech service is poor..

    Waiting with finger’s cost.. I am still cool because at the first place itself I had no high hopes ..

    —more later.. GauRav

  22. A.Tharunkaanth says:

    Dear GauRav,
    Can you send Experiance what you jotted in this blog to my mail id.Iwill try to do somel thing from my level.We R the dealers for the same.

  23. Senthil says:

    Dear All,

    I got the wimax connection in bangalore one month back. Its taking 10 minutes to acquire the ip address and the speed is very slow Comparing with the dial up connection.

    I made lot of complaints regarding this problem. but no one has responded me and the problem still persist. The customer service is very poor. my suggestion is don’t go for reliance wimax.


  24. A.Tharunkaanth says:

    Can i know you are fromwhich part of Bangalore?Please wait till 15th and give your opinion about it

  25. vinay gupta says:

    i need a connection at nigdi(pune).i want d details of d me at 09822115051

  26. vinay gupta says:

    i need a connection at nigdi(pune).i want d details of d me at 9822115051

  27. Hi All, Internal source who happens to be my friend, says that the problem was with the backend. DHCP authentication server was not being able to assign IP’s due to some program conflict which i believe is sorted out now. Was sweating with this Wimax connection for about 2 days. My connection is alright now… and i love the speed..!!

    I would say any new technology will have these kind of teething probs.. If you had the experience with SIFY or any other wired line broadband, probably you would vouch.

  28. VINAY …. call 30337777 to get your connection.. in PUNE. REGARDS.

  29. it ooks simple procedure to get installed.ut is there any plans below Rs 750?I wanted conncetion at Madivaala,Bangalore.whoom can i contact?

  30. Dear Kumar , Call 9980062800 / 9886798895 for quicker processing.

  31. Guys,

    Here is me again.

    Though it could be too early to write my experience but i think i need to share my current status.

    Before I go further, I would like to show my sincere gratitude to Mr. A.Tharunkaanth. Because he took initiative and offered to help. Though I could solve my problem without going to him.

    So today after 5 days of continuous chat with Reliance Tech, I got not 1, not 2 but 3 people in my house and were looking into the problem.

    Problem came out to be… that while installing the base station to which they had locked my antena to .. was no more sending the signal. Thats little strange but mind you I have already said that my house is atleast 5km from the nearest tower.

    Anyway..this time they came with GPS intstrument to figure out which is the nearest base station. Though technically this should be the Base station to which my antena should hooked to.. but this is not a good indicator always because you may have a tower near to you but there could be many obstruction in between and finally you may get connectivity from a distant tower.

    For fellows, who have witnessed this problem or going through it… I have a suggestion ( especially when you are going through DHCP problem!!)

    1. open a new command window.
    2. execute command : telnet
    3. For login and password type : support
    4. In telnet shell, execute command : sh bs
    5. you would get some output , # of lines may vary…
    6. you would see that output is formatted in tabs and one of the tab name would be status.
    7. If your antena is oriented correctly, you would have status as OPER, meaning its operational. If it says NA.. thats problem.

    You need to contact the customer service.. alas.. unless you have a luck and very smart fellow is sitting there… what you would be asked and be doing is # of attempts of exeucting commands like ipconfig /all , ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew.

    One must take note that unless your statistics shows that your getting certain connectivity (through status as OPER) there is nothing which can be achieved by executing these command.

    Get the Tech person help, ask them to come to your home and have look at the installation.

    All the best.

  32. Hey ..

    By the way I have a question, if some one can answer.

    If I go to the windows tool bar and keep my mouse over 2 little computer icon blobs, I get a text stating that its 100 Mbps connection. However when I measure the speed through I have got 160 Kbps. ( note the difference between Mbps and Kbps!!)

    Can any one explain?

    Oh..ya.. bit disappointed about my first writeup.. that its was 155 Mbps :-(
    but i think.. for me getting a connection and able to write this piece of information, submit it and see it back in real time, is itself great.


  33. Gaurav,

    If I am recollecting correctly from my networking class taken 4 years ago, 100 Mbps is the maximum speed on LAN, that’s what Windows default Baloon icon will show on that connection icon in your task bar.

    Speed Check is a complex issue, Airtel Broadband asks to check speeds on their server which is within India and it will definately be higher. Here

    However, I like since most of the servers I access are located in the US.

  34. prakash says:

    Hi friends !
    i hav a reliance wimax connection and i want to share it over LAN but whnever i try to open net on other computer browser redirect me to the loging screen of reliance wimax.
    please tell me if u know how to share wimax connection on lan.

  35. got wimax here guys ,,,facing the same problem ,not able to release the ip address here in BSK 3RD stage Bangalore ,,,
    but the wimax speed is excellent no doubt in that ,i have installed windows xp updated version &pretty stable with that system coz have tested in all operating system

    sure this guys were having the signal problem not tower problem

  36. Is there anyone who can inform on regular basis the progress being made on the installation of 2nd phase of base stations with WiMax capability ? Or is there any customer care contact / web site which has got the details at this level ?


  37. Oops..I forgot to mention that I was looking for information in Bangalore South. However if there is general database of this information for all cities where Wimax is roled out.. it would be benefitial to for all interested consumers if they can awail services or not.. (typically if one is located with in the range of 3-4 km radius of BS tower, one can work without any problem.)

  38. Raghavendra G says:

    Guys today i.e, 17/7/07 i got installed Reliance WiMax after 12 days of booking, plan Rs. 999 pm for 300kbps unlimited.
    The first day itself was disappointed for me to see the bandwidth. Its not going beyond 50kbps and sometimes its coming below 20kps. I thought if i have opted for 300kbps atleast i will get 200. As its the first day let me check 2moro and let you people know if this Reliance WiMax is good or not. First i have to findout if the problem is with the installation or with the bandwidth. RELIANCE CUSTOMERCARE IF YOU PEOPLE ATALL SEE THIS MSG PLS TRY TO SOLVE IT. Shall call up customercare and findout what is the problem…………..If they dont solve there is no other option for me other than cancelling it.

  39. raghavendra, which part of the bangalore, r u staying. how far is the BTS from your location.

  40. Kishore says:


    I stay in Kanakapura Road near Koday’s Contact Center. Is Wimax BTS available near this place?

    Let me know.

  41. Raghavendra G says:

    Hi sac,

    I stay in Kanakapura Road near Family Mart i.e J.P.Nagar 6th Phase.
    While installing at my place they said they r getting good signal and that to they were getting 2 towers signal. Technician told that wont be a problem either way i will getting good signals. Let me check today and see if its working or not when i checked in morning it was not working…….and yest night it was very slow and it was showing 50kbps…….i never thought from 300 kbps it will come to 50kbps as i opted for Rs. 999 pm for 300kbps unlimited

  42. Hi Raghavendra,
    Please check with this link.

  43. Raghavendra G says:

    Hi check and took a screenshot and have kept in on my desktop yest night so that i can show the technician if atall he comes and checks what is the speed.
    where i check the speed. and than too i when i tried to open gmail…… after some time it gave me a msg saying the taking too much time to load the page and if i want to load basic html page to check the mail.

  44. Hi Raghavendra,
    I guess there is this misinterpretation between the bandwidth and the data transfer speed that you have referred… In an ideal situation your 300Kbps connections should get you a data transfer rate of about 37.5 KB/s. If you have acheived 50 KB/s your bandwidth availed at that time was approx 400kbps which is damn good!! Kudos to Reliance!! This is becos there is no definite way to limit a customer to the bandwidth. It is usually averaged out. Read and consider below points..!

    Bps (Bits Per Second) denoted Kbps
    The basic unit of measurement for serial data-transmission capacity (i.e. the rate that data is transferred between two modems). A bit is the basic unit of data.

    Bytes (Bytes per second) denoted KBps is the DATA Transfer Rate.
    The rate, measured in bytes/s, at which data is moved from source to destination after software initialization and setup operations; the maximum rate at which the hardware can operate. In CD-ROMs the transfer rate is limited by the speed at which the disc rotates in the drive (i.e. a 1X CD-ROM transfer rate is 150 kb/s, while a 4X CD-ROM transfer rate is 600 kb/s).

    Throughput Rate
    The data, measured in bytes/s, for a given continuous operation, calculated to include software overhead.
    Throughput Rate = Transfer Rate – Software Overhead Factor.

    Hope this clarifies. regards,

  45. Hi, Also ALL YOU GUYS, If you wanna have an interactive a lil more transparent Speed test …I suggest you check-out this URL: (its ultimate)

    Happy Browsing!!

  46. Raghavendra G says:

    Hi Ishu,

    Thanks for your reply.

    It was showing Kbps not KBps.
    When i check the bandwidth it was showing 50kbps not 50KBps.
    If I was getting good bandwidth and had no problem why will I complain?
    I am working in IT company.
    Today Technician is going to come home and see what is the problem. Hope I get good bandwidth and continous browsing.
    And the connection is continously getting disconnected. I have to refresh the page again and again.

    Shall update you tomorrow however today technician is coming and to check.


  47. Hi guys got my wimax problem resolved; i was having signal issue, so the receiver was Realigned
    Getting super speed at the moment, I will give it few days to see if connection is stable

    At the moment I am a happy customer at BSK 3er stage


  48. Hello Kishore,

    So far I had a hard luck because of non-availability of BS in the vicinity of my house ( Doddakallasandra, Kanakpura Road). However in last 2 days I came to know from someone in Reliance that a new Base Station has come up nearby “Shankar Arcade” ( somewhere next to Metro). If this info is true, than I am sure you would be getting connection without any problem. Check it out with the service people you are in touch. Reliable enterprise’s contact number (see the first blog) could be good start.

    Best of luck.

  49. Hi Raghavendra, Then it could be signal issue either due to misalignment as in Glen’s case / signal drop . Hope it will be resolved.

    Talk to One Mr . Suresh on 9342411953

    All – Good to know for a change that this technology is working well for the consumer! :-)

    Happy Browsing..

  50. Hello Guys,

    As I had said in one of my previous entry that those who are facing problem related to IP address and specially getting DHCP time out error, there is a way to check out if at the first place you have proper connectivity. To check that out follow instructions :

    1. Remove the cable from Desktop / Laptop ( the cable which is connecting from your PoE device to comp)
    2. Switch off the power to PoE device ( by PoE i mean the modem supplied by reliance)
    3. Though there is no particular reason but I did that in this way so I recommend you too..restart your machine.
    4. go to start->settings->network connections (use right mouse button to open network connections)
    5. Locate the network connection you are using (mostly it would be named as Local Area Network)
    6. Connect the modem cable plugged out in step 1.
    7. Enable the LAN connection if disabled.
    8. Use the mouse right button on the connection icon, to go to properties->General tab -> select (internet protocol)TCP-IP.
    9 Go to the properties of TCP/IP.
    10. Under General tab use “use the following address” radio button.
    11. enter following ip address
    12. Try saying ok at the bottom, it would prompt for subnet mask, say ok again.. automatic entry of would appear. Say Ok and close all dialog box.
    13. Open a command window ( go to start->run-> type cmd)
    14. type telenet ( not that its not 1.2!!)
    15. enter login and password as support
    16. you would be in telnet shell.
    17. enter command ‘sh bs’ ( with out ‘ )
    18. you would get one more line..though you would get the output in horizontal line but to demonstrate how it would looklike i am aligning the data in vertical:

    BS-Name bs2
    SectorId 00:00:00:00:00:00
    Frequency 3337000
    Bandwidth 3000
    Status -NA-
    DL-Cinr 0
    DL-Rssi 0
    DL-F -NA-
    ec NA
    Ptx NA

    > Please note that this is an example. you may get a different name of Base station.
    > This is the example out of situation when you ARE NOT GETTING ANY SIGNALS from any BS configured at your antena.

    If things are ok then you may get :

    BS-Name bs2
    SectorId 00:00:20:20:XX:00
    Frequenc 3337000
    Bandwidt 3000
    Status OPER
    DL-Cinr > 18
    DL-Rssi approx -70
    DL-F -NA-
    ec NA
    Ptx NA

    > Please note that following condition would define whether you are able to access broadband at all or with some degradation in service

    1. Status need to be OPER.
    2. DL-Cinr entry should be anything greater than 17. More the merrier
    3. DL-Rssi value should be negative. (Not sure about this one though, some one can correct!!) but i was told lesser its from -70, better it is.

    If you have status as NA then mostly your WiMax antenna needs re-alignment.

    If you are getting second set of value and still facing the problem try executing the command in following order ( on command window)

    1. ipconfig /all ( see what ip address its assigned, if its starting with 169.X.Y.Z then its not correct)
    2. ipconfig /release ( this will release the ipadress)
    3. ipconfig /renew ( this would try to get new ip address)

    I hope this helps..


  51. I missed to make 2 comments.

    If your getting the signals properly you may get different SectorID ( and not 00:00:20:20:XX:00, as I have given in the example)

    Secondly once you are done.. please go back to TCP-IP properties and uncheck the option selected earlier ( use following IP address) and rather select “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain the DNS server address automatically”

    Lastly ( though I myself could nt figure out the reason for it ..why Reliance people do not get tired reminding that every time you are done with your usage.. do not close the browser without logout from Reliance web page, from where you started)

    Happy Surfing.

  52. I got Wimax connection installed on 2nd June at Dr. Rajkumar Road, Rajajinagar. But I am not able to share the connetion. Can anyone help me how to share this connection thru switch???

  53. Raghavendra G says:

    Hi Ishu,

    Thanks a lot for you.

    As u refered this person Suresh, if i contact this person will he solve my problem??? because there r different agencies for different ares rite.

    Now the problem is not with the browsing somehow i am able to browse but i am not atall able to upload any files thru ftp or gmail or yahoomail.

    And when i pinged in command window and saw the connectivity for every 10 seconds it was showing “requested time out”.

    Dont know what is the problem……
    These technicials r not able to give me proper answer.


  54. Dear Sir,

    Whether we can get the download details from Reliance Broadband Service (i.e) what are the website we opened?

    Kindly reply through mail.

    Thanking You,

  55. Guruprasad says:

    Dear Sir,

    Looking for a connection in J P Nagar-8th Phase area. I’ve few queries:
    1. Kindly share the contact info on any specific dealer who works for this area is known to you?
    2. Kindly share your feedback on the speed & signals of Reliance WiMax in this area or around?


  56. I request you all to carry on further discussion on the forum at

    Thanks for your co-operation.

  57. Sourabh Dey says:

    Reliance Internet Connection. Reliance presents Wirefree or semi wired,Broadband through WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) Technology. Almost everywhere in your city(Bangalore).

    Features of Reliance WI-MAX Connection:
    1.Free Static IP
    2.Always on Connectivity.
    3.No Fair Usage Policy.
    4.Round-The-Clock Customer Support.
    5.Multi User

    Tariffs(All in Rupees)- 1500 1900 2200 2700
    (+Tax 10.3% extra)
    Download Speed Upto(Kbps)- 600 1024 1228 1536

    Additional Charge- NIL NIL NIL NIL

    Installation Charges- Rs. 500 Rs
    (+Tax 10.3% extra)

    Payment Mode Cheque (or) D.D in the name of RCIL-A/C-RIS

    Documents Needed 1 photo /id proof /address proof

    For More details and offers Contact:-Sourabh at 9379529705


    Contact Yusuf : 9741123764
    Location: Bangalore, KATNATAKA

    Plan I:
    Rs.1500 PLAN

    Speed 600 Kbps
    Data Transfer – Unlimited With Free Static IP (Always on

    No Fair Usage Policy
    Upgraded to Multiple Systems.

    Plan II:
    Rs.1900 PLAN

    Speed 1024 Kbps
    Data Transfer- Unlimited
    Free Static IP
    No Fair Usage Policy

    Upgraded to Multiple Systems.

    Plan III:
    Rs.2200 PLAN

    Speed 1228 Kbps
    Data Transfer- Unlimited
    Free Static IP
    No Fair Usage Policy

    Upgraded to Multiple Systems.

    Plan IV:
    Rs.2700 PLAN

    Speed 1536 Kbps
    Data Transfer- Unlimited
    Free Static IP
    No Fair Usage Policy

    Upgraded to Multiple Systems.

    For All Plans:
    ( Installation charges Rs-500 . N0 Security Deposit )

    Pay 9 Months Rental only Get 12 months Service

  59. suppose to put of a tower of reliance in jpnagar on our property what is the procedure nd regulations if any from the neighbours.
    who will pay for the instatllations and also
    the cost of the area used by the tower.
    can u enlighten me.

  60. Faizur Rehman says:


    What is the downloading speed for 600Kbps plan from torrent or any other seeds or peers websites.

    And if we use direct download websites, what will be the for 600Kbps plan.



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