Reliance Wimax in Bangalore – Up and Running

News Just InGood News for residents of Bangalore. Just a while ago a reader of this blog tipped me with a mobile number. Bingo!!! Reliance Communications, a Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group company is the first company to launch Wimax for residential consumers in Bangalore / Bengalooru. [Sify has it for Corporates. Bangalore Unwired for Selected Users]. I spoke to Reliable Enterprises, Bangalore which is providing pre-launch offer WiMax broadband connections.

Reliance WiMax Broadband Delivery Platform:

Reliance Wimax Broadband Delivery Platform

No more Trences for Cable saves a lot of headache in congested Bangalore. They will install a WiMax antenna on top of your house, just like the DTH Dish and a cable is drawn to a Modem. If you have mroe than one computer to share than you need a SOHO router to hook your PC and Laptops. The Wimax antenna talks directly to Reliance Towers.

The Cost Structure:

Pre-launch offer – Rs 500 Installation Cost. The Pre-launch offer is valid through June-15th.  For residential use, the cost for Wimax broadband is same as that of Reliance Wired Broadband. A 150 Kbps Unlimited Data Transfer connection costs Rs 750 / Month and a 300 Kbps Unlimited Data Transfer connection costs Rs 999 / Month. All other taxes are additional.

Availability of WiMax Broadband:

It is currently available within the Ring Road areas. The whole of Bangalore will be covered shortly – few weeks. The connection will be established within 2 weeks of application. To apply, Contact Reliable Enterprises at 99800-62800. Let us know of your experience.

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  2. Reliance Internet Connection. Reliance presents Wirefree or semi wired,Broadband through WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) Technology. Almost everywhere in your city(Bangalore).

    Features of Reliance WI-MAX Connection:
    1.Free Static IP
    2.Always on Connectivity.
    3.No Fair Usage Policy.
    4.Round-The-Clock Customer Support.
    5.Multi User

    Tariffs(All in Rupees)- 1500 1900 2200 2700
    (+Tax 10.3% extra)
    Download Speed Upto(Kbps)- 600 1024 1228 1536

    Additional Charge- NIL NIL NIL NIL

    Installation Charges- Rs. 500 Rs
    (+Tax 10.3% extra)

    Payment Mode Cheque (or) D.D in the name of RCIL-A/C-RIS

    Documents Needed 1 photo /id proof /address proof

    For More details and offers Contact:-Sourabh at 9379529705


    Contact Yusuf : 9741123764
    Location: Bangalore, KATNATAKA

    Plan I:
    Rs.1500 PLAN

    Speed 600 Kbps
    Data Transfer – Unlimited With Free Static IP (Always on

    No Fair Usage Policy
    Upgraded to Multiple Systems.

    Plan II:
    Rs.1900 PLAN

    Speed 1024 Kbps
    Data Transfer- Unlimited
    Free Static IP
    No Fair Usage Policy

    Upgraded to Multiple Systems.

    Plan III:
    Rs.2200 PLAN

    Speed 1228 Kbps
    Data Transfer- Unlimited
    Free Static IP
    No Fair Usage Policy

    Upgraded to Multiple Systems.

    Plan IV:
    Rs.2700 PLAN

    Speed 1536 Kbps
    Data Transfer- Unlimited
    Free Static IP
    No Fair Usage Policy

    Upgraded to Multiple Systems.

    For All Plans:
    ( Installation charges Rs-500 . N0 Security Deposit )

    Pay 9 Months Rental only Get 12 months Service

  4. suppose to put of a tower of reliance in jpnagar on our property what is the procedure nd regulations if any from the neighbours.
    who will pay for the instatllations and also
    the cost of the area used by the tower.
    can u enlighten me.

  5. Hi

    What is the downloading speed for 600Kbps plan from torrent or any other seeds or peers websites.

    And if we use direct download websites, what will be the for 600Kbps plan.


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