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No TRAI Help on Mobile Broadband Download Speed – Recos against Narendra Modi’s Roadmap

exclusiveBased on thousands of complaints of pathetic 3G / Mobile Broadband Speed, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India had invited consultation on prescribing Minimum Speed on Wireless Broadband using either 3G / 4G LTE or EVDO services. Till date, in the history of existence TRAI, this paper had got the highest comments from Individual Users.

In the Consultation Paper, the TRAI had on its own accord had set a benchmark 1 Mbps download speed for 3G. However, after receiving comments from the mighty high handed telecom operators, TRAI took a complete “U” turn ignoring representations from Associations and Individuals and have backed the Pathetic Telecom Operators A-Vo-ID Lobby.

TRAI Unilaterally went ahead and has Modified the Wireless Data Service Regulation as below,

3A. Download speed for wireless data service
(1) Every service Provider shall, in all its Wireless data plans, indicate the minimum download speed available to the consumers.
(2) Every service provider shall ensure that the minimum download speed, specified by it in its wireless data plans, is available to Use consumer for not less than eighty percent of the usage time

The Onus now lies on the Telecom Operator to Prescribe & Print Minimum Download Speed, let it be whatever, 56 Kbps on 3G or 512 Kbps, TRAI has empowered the Operators rather than the consumers. The regulation further states as below,

(4)Every Service Provider shall ensure that the details of Minimum download speed available to the consumer, in its wireless data plans, are –
(a) printed on the vouchers of the wireless data plans
(b) published on its websites and all advertisements of wireless data plans; and
(c) available at its complaint centers and sale outlets

Are TRAI’s Recommendations Against Narendra Modi’s Roadmap ?
Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shir Narendra Modi Ji has time and again said that Technology and Internet must be used to drive efficiency and productivity across India from Government to Rural Education. When we have such a visionary PM driving the country and the regulatory team doing a poor job, not even taking the first step in prescribing minimum download speed for mobile broadband, we feel let down. I’m taking the first step and writing to all the Individuals who participated in the consultation paper and to our esteemed PM as well.

Idea Shifts Focus to 3G Utilization, Reduce MicroWave Backhaul

Idea Cellular 3GPlain Vanilla Wireless Operator, Idea Cellular is bullish on data growth and data revenue growth. Its current 3G utilization rates stand at 20% to 40% across circles. Idea’s focus is to increase the utilization rate by driving up the volumes. Realization will be the focus when utilization is ~60% to 70%. For an incumbent operator like Idea, the cost per MB is lesser; incremental costs are low. Voice infrastructure is being used for data. Thus the customer acquisition, spectrum, backhaul and support infrastructure is already in place. Continue reading Idea Shifts Focus to 3G Utilization, Reduce MicroWave Backhaul