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Blogs are being blocked ?

On the directions of the government of India, Indian ISPs have started censoring and blocking web properties. This was first noticed by Indian bloggers and upon inquiring with their respective ISPs, the actions are confirmed. Unfortunately, Blogspot and TypePad are the targets till now.”

There’s an ongoing discussion of the censorship on GoogleGroups.

Kindly respect and uphold the actions of Government of India as we are all safe in the hands of an able Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh. Lets wait for an official press release from the Government.

m-Entertainment and m-Commerce in India

Earlier I had reported about the popularity of Mobile Music downloads in India. Telcom experts are predicting that the Indian m-Entertainment market to be $5 Billion by 2009 in India. DoT’s Arun Kumar Saxena said that Mobile TV has a very huge demand in rural India. It is for this reason that we need to resolve the 3G rollout differences between various operators and the Government.

Mr Singh of Qualcomm added that

Contextual applications would become the next big thing in VAS, where advertisers could project their message in an entertainment video at the right moment to gain maximum impact on the consumer.

Google has their mobile labs working 24/7 to target the Indian market.

Earlier their were rumors about Tata’s developing a mobile payment system, IndiPay. It is now time for Coruscant, developer of PayMate and other m-Commerce technologies to raise $5 Million from Silicon Valley VCs Sherpalo Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers.

Indian online properties to get HOTTER!

Its just not that real estate in Bangalore/Gurgaon or the Mumbai stock exchange SENSEX touching new highs, but the Indian Internet properties are also getting hotter. India had approximately 40 Million Internet subscribers at the end of 2005, witnessing a growth of 54% YoY.

As reported in Business 2.0, good domains and domains that are misspellings of great Internet brands have a very high value. is one such domain which resembles a great and a popular discussion portal for Indians . Vijay Bhatter founded and has 36 Million pages views/month. Its Alexa ranking is 3294. a domain smiliar to, was auctioned off last afternoon by Snapnames, which fetched a cool $4350(Indian Rupees 1,97,500). The buyer is Michael from Bethesda, Maryland. Considering’s move for a $13 Million IPO, which has Alexa ranking of 2181 and 40 Million page views/month, and falls in the same rank and file as that of, Michael might have jut gota steal for his money. Is it time that Indian investors start thinking about investing in good domain names rather than Gold, Stocks and M.F.Hussein paintings 😉