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Weekend – India Telecom Updates

Hindujas who exited out of Hutch in a shady deal, have said that they see a great potential in Indian GSM based mobile market and want to re-enter if they good stake at the right price – right price ? I doubt if Hindujas know what the right price is, oho well that’s all you can expect from a lifetime Trader who hardly understands what Manufacturing or Services is 😉

Reliance Communications want to grow beyond India. It has stuck deal in Saudi Arabia earlier this week and now it wants to provide GSM based services in Sri Lanka. The going may not be easy in Sri Lanka as Malaysian Maxis Telecom and Singapores SingTel are also in the race. I would request Anil Ambani to first bring transperency by declaring quarterly results of Reliance Communications 😉

And ofcourse the Tatas are also expanding. I seriously doubt what Ratan Tata’s Telecom dreams are with inter company investments and holdings to launder money and have half a dozen companies to operate under, viz Tata Indicom, Tata Tele Services, Tata Telecom, Tata Power Broadband, VSNL and Idea Cellular from which they have exited.

Quota protestors release ringtone.

Folks opposed to the government of India’s implementation of additional reservation based on caste and race have released a ringtone to create mass awareness and let others know about what they are going through. Ofcourse they are the cerative and innovative pillars for a better and brighter India who have come up with this idea 🙂 They have tied up with PRXOnline and released ringtones for your cell phones. Download them here. Their is no download link visible on the website, you have to click on PRXPro(Gentleman on bottom right hand part of your screen). or Click here to download.
Lyrics is something like

Koi Chota Nahin, Koi Bada Bhi Nahin. Hum Sab Hey Desh Key, Hey Aam Nagrik.

Hum Darengey Nahin, Hum Thakengye Nahin………

Aggressively forward the link and exchange ringtones through Bluetooth or Infrared. Spread the message. Indian telcos have remained silent and are not letting you download this ringtone from their network and have rejected it to be someones caller tune as well. Cellcos have to do business and don’t want to take sides and face embaressment and bashings from our RACIST Netas.

Update: I have got responses asking for the link. Available in MP3 and AMR formats here.

Google Mobile Targetting India and China

Timesonline is reporting that Google Mobile Labs is targetting the fastest growing Mobile marksts of the world, India and China. Earlier I had reporetd that the equation for Mobile 1.0 is not the same as Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 – East will rule the West 🙂 It is interesting to see if MSN Mobile will follow Google Mobile ? Also the potential for value added services in the Indian mobile industry is very high, which is evident from the fact that Bharti-Airtel by itself was able to sell 75 Million tones so far. The concept of caller tones/tunes is absent in the US.

On Mobile Number Portability – Insiders View

Earlier I had reported about mobile number portability in India. I happened to read an article by Alok Singh of CyberMedia published in their magazine Voice & Data April-05(Jeez I am so late, a procrastinator).

Alok quotes that…With regards to MNP, the pertinent issue is why does it have to take one year ? The current state of technological readiness of the operators and the availablity of MNP applications can let the facility roll out much earlier.

I would like to differ with Alok as MNP is not an ordinary issue at all. When MNP was first introduced in the US, their were so many backend issues that need to be handled which created panic and left some users without mobile services from 48 hours to 30 days in some cases. AT&T lost consumers heavily during this transition. Also don’t forget US has one of the best telephone numbering mechanism known as the North American Numbering Plan. I can only imagine the mess our mobile numbering mechanism will create once MNP goes online.

Hello to Convergence!


I am all exicted to write about the Convergence scenario in India. For some reason I don’t buy the argument of the term “_broadband_” as cell phones, PDAs, Landlines, etc..don’t fit in that category and hence I am going with Convergence. Also India has always stayed a step ahead, by bypassing technologies such as TDMA, Mainframes, etc. Don’t be surprised if their are more Microsoft Media Center users in India, than elsewhere in the world. Well I haven’t forgotten that how much I have invested to buy the domain in the hype.

What took me so long to start this ? Well I existed as Broadband India. I have torn down the site but will re-launch with new look and feel and we will move on to Convergence.In phasing out broadband.

And the tagline, “linking diversity!”. At first I thought of – Connecting Diversity, but doesn’t sound original as Nokia has “Connecting People” and Toshiba says, “Don’t Copy, Lead” ;-) . I wanted “Diversity” to be present no matter where, because India as a nation is rich with social and cultural diversity.

I caught up with corporate India during my early teens. Read a lot about Indian business in various magazines. So dont be surprised to see some postings where I talk about about promoters or CEOs background.

Please feel free to paint my thoughts in Black & White.

Convergence.In Broadband.Out -)